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UNECE Expert Meeting on Dissemination and Communication of Statistics, online

UNECE Expert Meeting on Dissemination and Communication of Statistics, online

11 - 14 October 2021

The 2021 Workshop on Statistical Data Dissemination and Communication will be hosted by Statistics Portugal in Lisbon, on 13-15 October 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it is uncertain if the workshop can be organized in person. By the end of August a final decision will be made. In case an in-person workshop is not possible, it will be changed into an online (only) workshop in the same week.  The focus of the workshop will be on cutting edge ideas, new trends, experiments, and approaches in the areas of statistical data dissemination and communication. In addition to the traditional presentations, the agenda of the workshop will include target-driven small group discussions and a participatory exercise. The programme of the meeting will aim to cover the following topics:

  • Reaching potential audiences: broadening audiences
  • Employee engagement and involvement
  • Communication on the fast track
  • Measuring the effectiveness of communications


For the program and documents of the meeting, please visit the UNECE wiki page


  Document Title Documents Presentations
  Provisional Programme


  Information Note 1


  Report PDF  
Welcome and Opening remarks UNECE and Chairs of the 2021 Workshop.  Taeke Gjaltema (UNECE) and Day Chair of the Workshop

Session 1:  Digital Age 

Session Organizers: Aeidín Sheppard (Central Statistics Office Ireland) and Margarida Rosa (Statistics Portugal)
  Editorial planning in Eurostat. Baiba Grandovska (Eurostat) Abstract PDF
  Engaging People’s Enthusiasm in 2020 Population Census by Scrapping Social Media. Oka Widhyartha Putra (Statistics Indonesia) Paper PDF
  Innovation and Tradition: a New Challenge for Communication. Xenia Caruso (Istat, Italy) Paper PDF
  Digital CBS. Eran Ropalidis (Israel Central Bureau of Statistics)  Abstract PDF
  The Destatis Monitoring system: How to measure success? How to steer communication? Sebastian Bisch (Destatis, Germany) Abstract PDF
  Increasing visibility through managing the national COVID dashboard. (Laima Grizaite, Statistics Lithuania) Abstract PDF
  From printed to digital publications at Eurostat. Louise Corselli-Nordblad (Eurostat) Abstract PDF
  When reaching is no longer enough: 8 tips to engage with Central Banks’ data users. Rita Marques (Bank of Portugal) Paper PDF

Session 2: Broadening audiences

Session Organizers: Ellen Dougherty (U.S. Department of Agriculture) and Terri Mitton (OECD)
  Reaching Potential Audiences: Covid-19 in GCC, determine priorities, set targets, and establish standards to promote accountability. Suad Al abdulsalam (GCC-Stat) Paper PDF
  Empowering citizens to interact with official statistics –  fit, lean and impactful for a digital world. Per Nymand-Andersen (European Central Bank) Abstract PDF
  Building Big Data Communication Strategies to Non-Expert Audiences. Maulana Faris (Statistics Indonesia) Paper PDF
  Statistical Infographic Publication: Embracing the General Public. Dwi Afrizal (Statistics Indonesia) Paper PDF
  Good data means nothing if communication is poor – how the UK’s Covid Infection Survey has informed the public and government decision making. Sarah Crofts (ONS, UK) Paper PDF
  Towards building a Statistical Culture amid a changing Data Ecosystem. Juan Daniel Oviedo, Mauricio Ortiz and Camilo Andrés Méndez Coronado (DANE, Colombia) Abstract PDF
  Improving User engagement thanks to a close synergy between the User relations online desk and the corporate website. Giuilia Peci and Michela Troia (Istat, Italy) Paper PDF
  A Census communication campaign - Reaching everyone in times of a pandemic crisis. Ana Margarida Rosa (Statistics Portugal) Abstract PDF

Session 3: Statistics Explained

Session Organizers: Lukasz Augustyniak (Eurostat)  and Luís Campos (Bank of Portugal)
  Building Statistical Literacy through Youtube. Nauval Tama Patikto (Statistics Indonesia) Paper PDF
  The German Newsroom Experience Kerstin Hänsel (Destatis, Germany) Abstract PDF
  How public policy statistics can play a role in handling disinformation. Mike Ackerman (Statistics Netherlands) Abstract PDF
  ‘Dati alla mano’, a new tool to reach potential audience. Giulia Peci, Giovanni Prattichizzo and Cristiana Conti (Istat, Italy) Paper PDF
  Communications strategy to leverage existing tools and modernize outreach. Janice Keenan (Statistics Canada) Abstract PDF
  From data to storyteling Istat communication strategy to share and viralise statistical information from the Italian permanent population census. Micaela Paciello, Daria Squillante (Istat, Italy) Paper PDF

Session 4:  Tailoring communication to specific audiences

Session Organizers: Emily Liddel (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) and Lígia Nunes (Bank of Portugal)
  Broadening dissemination through media. Julia Santos (IBGE, Brazil) Paper PDF

INEGI’s Award on Journalistic Use of Statistical and Geographic Information. Rodrigo Nuñez Gonzalez (INEGI, Mexico)

Abstract PDF
  Statistic in Illustration Art : Statistics Dissemination for Young People Baby Tamara Alderosa Marpaung and Maulana Faris (Statistics Indonesia) Paper PDF
  How to take your internal communication to the next level by empowering employees. Wendy Schelfaut (Statbel, Belgium) Abstract PDF
  Employee Engagement and Involvement: Training staff to localize and extend communications. Teresa White (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Abstract PDF
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