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The Trade programme, implemented by Economic Cooperation and Trade Division, works to develop closer economic relations among member States, as well as to better integrate their economies into the world economy. The trade programme's inter-governmental bodies make policy recommendations, develop standards for use in trade and assist member States in implementing them. These bodies also suggest ways and means of creating legal and administrative frameworks for fostering trade. Work includes a range of activities to assist member States with: trade facilitation; regulatory and standards policy; commercial agricultural standards; and e-business standards.

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WP.6 will hold its third Forum of subgroups from 2 to 5 April 2024. Each group (GRM, ToS-GRS, MARS, START) will meet and there will be multiple conferences on digital, green transformation from each perspective of WP.6. More information, agendas and registration available on the WP.6 Third Forum webpage.

The 41st UN/CEFACT Forum, held in Bangkok, which brought together over 300 participants from more than 60 countries, has successfully concluded!

Over 25 UN/CEFACT projects have made significant progress during the Forum and a number of new project ideas were brought to the table. Several emerging topics have been presented in 23 insightful discussions and engaging sessions, as well a joint UNECE-UNESCAP conference.  

Access the press release summarizing key highlights of the Forum.

If you wish to review the slides presented during the Forum, please refer to the Presentations tab on the Forum page


Upcoming Events

02 April 2024

Palais des Nations
H-building and virtual connection possible

02 - 03 April, 2024

Palais des Nations
H-207-208-209, virtual connection possible