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Gender statistics

Gender statistics are needed to measure and monitor the realities of the lives of women and men, and of girls and boys.  A broad diversity of topics and issues is covered under the heading of gender statistics, reflecting the changing roles of women and men in society, in the economy and in families and households. 
Gender statistics help policymakers to formulate and monitor policies and plans, monitor changes, and inform the public. 
We work with UNECE member States to improve the monitoring of gender equality in all its many dimensions across the region, by facilitating the exchange of best practices and the development of guidelines and recommendations on the collection, production and dissemination of gender-relevant indicators.  Our work in this area is guided by the Steering Group on Gender Statistics which, among other activities, prepares meetings of the Group of Experts on Gender Statistics approximately every 18 months.  These expert meetings provide a regular forum for member States, international organizations working in statistics, and others, to share and develop ideas concerning concepts, methodology, progress and emerging issues in gender statistics.