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Executive Committee (EXCOM)

About The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EXCOM) is entrusted with the implementation of the overall guidance set by the Economic Commission for Europe.


In between the biennial sessions of the Commission, the Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Commission and is competent on all matters related to ECE activities in conformity with its Terms of Reference.


In particular, the Executive Committee prepares the sessions of the Commission; reviews, evaluates and approves in due time the Programme of work of the sectoral committees, including intersectoral activities and relations with other international organizations based on the criteria which the Executive Committee shall define.


EXCOM approves the set-up, renewal, discontinuance, terms of reference and work plans of groups under the Sectoral Committees, based on the criteria of their relevance to the subprogramme, resource implications, avoidance of duplication and overlap in the ECE activities. It examines with the Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons of the Sectoral Committees, their report on the implementation of their programme of work and other relevant issues.


It ensures coherence between subprogrammes, inter alia by encouraging horizontal communication within the organization.


It deals with all matters related to programme planning, administrative and budget issues, including extrabudgetary funding.

Document Symbol No. Title    EN FR RU 
ECE/EX/1 Guidelines for the establishment and functioning of Working Parties within UNECE   PDF PDF PDF
ECE/EX/2/Rev.1 Guidelines for the establishment and functioning of Teams of Specialists within UNECE   PDF PDF PDF
ECE/EX/3/Rev.2 Terms of reference and rules of procedure of the Executive Committee of the Economic Commission for Europe   PDF PDF PDF
ECE/EX/4 Recommendations concerning the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business   PDF PDF PDF
ECE/EX/5 Recommendations concerning the Committee on Trade   PDF PDF PDF
ECE/EX/6 Modalities of the 2011-2012 review of the 2005 ECE Reform   PDF PDF PDF
E/2013/37-E/ECE/1464, App. III Guidelines on procedures and practices for ECE bodies   PDF PDF PDF
Decision A (65) Outcome of the review of the 2005 reform of ECE   PDF