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Sustainable development and SDGs

We are supporting the monitoring of progress towards SDGs and targets in the UNECE region through coordination and methodological work. Work in this area includes:
  • A road map for setting up the reporting on SDGs in the UNECE region
  • Guidance on measuring sustainable development
  • Capacity building for reporting on SDGs



Second Edition of CES Road Map on Statistics for SDGs (February 2022)

First Edition of CES Road Map on Statistics for SDGs (November 2017) EnglishRussian, Spanish



Public wiki on statistics for SDGs

Task Forces

Country Case Studies

Declaration on the role of national statistical offices in measuring and monitoring SDGs (June 2015) EnglishFrenchRussian

SDGs, targets and indicators and the CES recommendations on measuring sustainable development (April 2015) English, French, Russian

Recommendations on measuring sustainable development (December 2013)

Measuring sustainable development (December 2009)