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Explore UNECE's work through a selection of podcasts, diving in depth on key issues with the help of expert perspectives. Listen on Soundcloud, Apple podcasts, Spotify or Amazon Music.

The UN Forests Podcast

We tend to take forests for granted, underestimating how indispensable they are for everyone on the planet. Each episode of The UN Forest Podcast features special guests and speakers who bring you insights on forests as our strongest allies in fighting climate change and creating a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. Whether you are a forest expert, city planner, passionate about nature or simply an interested citizen, The UN Forest Podcast will inform, inspire and make you realize that the potential of forests goes beyond trees. We all are rooted in forests!

One World, Zero Waste? The Circular Economy Explained

The idea of a ‘circular economy’ is increasingly being embraced by political leaders, businesses, and citizens. But what does it mean in practice? In "One World, Zero Waste? The Circular Economy Explained", we explore some of the key challenges and opportunities across sectors - from energy to transport to clothing, food and beyond.


Innovation Matters

Innovation Matters is a UNECE podcast series that explores how innovation, or experimentation with ideas to create value, is changing our world and could drive progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals in the region and beyond.


Urban Matters

A UNECE podcast about sustainable cities, produced in partnership with UNTV and Radio, Geneva.


Podcasts featuring UNECE

In conversation with Dario Liguti, Director of the Sustainable Energy Division, UNECE: Policy, regulation and technology to support sustainable energy efficiency (the OMFIF Podcast)