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Human resources, organizational frameworks & evaluation

Human resources, organizational frameworks and cultural change are at the very core of the modernization of national statistical organizations.
We facilitate the sharing of good practices and exploration of emerging issues in the area of human resources management and training (HRMT) and provide guidance on improving HMRT in statistical organizations.
Work in this area covers topics such as:
  • Implementing organizational change: change and risk management
  • How to attract and retain qualified staff
  • Training and learning: methods and efficiency
  • Performance management
  • Building competencies
  • Staff motivation
  • Guidelines for managers including best practices
  • Evaluation including costs and benefits of modernization activities


Guidelines on Risk Management
Руководство «Практика управления рисками в Статистических Организациях»
Guidelines for Managers (2015)
Руководство для менеджеров
HR management and training (2012)

What should a modern national system of official statistics look like? (2008)
English, Russian