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Launch of the National Policy Dialogue (NPD): 2011

NPD Chair: Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture

Donors: European Union through the EUWI+ programme and previous EUWI phases

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UNECE: 2015 (in English)

Current priority areas for UNECE support under the EUWI+ programme until 2020:

  • Develop the National Water Strategy (led by the OECD)
  • Support finalization and adoption of the new Law on Water Resources Management (Water Law)
  • Harmonization of the draft Law on Water Resources Management with the EU Water Framework Directive and other water related EU directives
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments, in accordance with EU legislation and the Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment, for selected River Basin Management Plans
  • Revision of the draft normative acts “On water quality ecological standards” and “On water quality ecological standards” that were developed
  • Preparation and launch of negotiations on a bilateral technical agreement with Armenia on transboundary cooperation

Key achievements

  • A draft new national Water Law was developed and consulted with numerous stakeholders as part of the NPD process in Georgia. Several by-laws for practical implementation of the new water law were also prepared.
  • Regular negotiations have been held with neighbouring Azerbaijan to develop a bilateral agreement on the Kura river.


The 9th NPD Steering Committee and NbS workshop (6-7 December 2023)

The 8th NPD Steering Committee (31 May 2021)

Training on Impact Assessment and Mitigation Measures for Alazani-Iori River Basin Management Plan SEA (6 April 2020)

The 7th NPD Steering Committee (5 March 2020)

Bilateral Meeting between Armenia and Georgia on Cooperation in the Khrami-Debed Basin   (14 October 2019)

The 6th NPD Steering Committee (2 October 2018)

The 5th NPD Steering Committee (11 April 2017)

The 4th NPD Steering Committee (5 April 2016)

The 3rd NPD Steering Committee meeting (23 February 2015)

Seminar on green cities and multi-purpose use of rivers and riverbanks (12 December 2014)

Workshop on water-food-energy-ecosystem nexus pilot assessment at Alazani/Ganich basin (25–27 November 2013)

The 2nd NPD Steering Committee meeting (30 May 2013)

Stakeholder meeting (29 May 2013), see list of participants

Stakeholder meeting (12 June 2012), see agenda and list of participants

The 1st NPD Steering Committee meeting (11-12 June 2012)

Working group meeting on the National Policy Dialogues in Georgia (21 February 2012)

Expert group meetings under the Georgian NPDs on IWRM (27–29 June 2011)

Kick off meeting of the NPDs on IWRM in Georgia (29 March 2011)

Documents and Publications

Results and lessons learned from the Georgian National Policy Dialogue on Integrated Water Resources Management under the European Union Water Initiative (December 2013) in English and Russian

Report on mapping major issues, stakeholders and processes in water sector in Georgia (June 2011)

Last update date: February 25, 2023