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Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment

The Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management and the Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment are the two main subsidiary bodies established by the Meeting of the Parties.

The Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment aims to assist countries in establishing and implementing joint programmes for monitoring and assessing the pressures on and the conditions of those transboundary waters, including floods and ice drifts, as well as transboundary impacts.

Furthermore, this Working Group has a leading role in the preparation of periodic assessments of transboundary rivers, lakes and groundwaters, which allows for measuring progress in the implementation of the Water Convention.

The Working Group also seeks to promote the exchange of data on transboundary waters, to encourage Parties to inform each other about any critical situation that may have a transboundary impact and to make available to the public information on transboundary waters.

The Working Group is co-chaired by Finland and Senegal.

The need to consider monitoring and assessment in the broader context of integrated water resources management calls for close collaboration between the two Working Groups through cooperation on a number of joint activities.
Unless otherwise decided by the Meeting of the Parties, the Bureau or the Working Groups themselves, the Working Groups hold one ordinary meeting per year. Annual meetings of the Working Groups constitute an efficient mechanism for governing, coordination and fostering implementation of the Convention. These meetings provide a forum for sharing knowledge and successful experiences among Parties, non-Parties and stakeholders, with a view to supporting and carrying out, inter alia, bilateral and multilateral activities, pilot projects and capacity-building activities.



Last update date: February 20, 2024