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Programme of Work

The main tool to support implementation of the Water Convention is its Programme of Work, which is adopted every three years by the Meeting of the Parties. The programme of work is shaped to address political and technical challenges of Parties and non-Parties in managing their transboundary water resources.
More specifically, the Programme of Work supports policy processes and technical cooperation from the national, to the basin and global levels  and focuses on various topics such as adaptation to climate change, the water-food-energy-ecosystem nexus approach or the sustainable financing of transboundary water cooperation.
The Programme of Work ‘s implementation is guided and reviewed by the Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management, the Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment, the other technical bodies under the Convention, and, at the highest level, the Meeting of the Parties to the Convention.
  • Programme of Work 2019-2021 in ENG, FRE, RUS, SPA, as adopted at the 8th session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Water Convention in October 2018
  • Brochure, summarizing the Programme of Work 2019-2021 (English, French, Russian and Spanish)

A survey on priorities of work for the 2022-2024 programme of work of the Water Convention, open to all Parties, non-Parties and partners, was carried out in November-December 2020 to inform the development of the 2022-2024 programme of work.

Last update date: January 19, 2021