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Task Force on Target Setting and Reporting

The Task Force on Target Setting and Reporting, co-led by Portugal, Romania and Switzerland, is the Protocol body supporting the implementation of the area of work Improving governance for water and health: support for implementing the 2030 Agenda through setting targets and implementing measures. Its overall aim is to reinforce the implementation of the core provisions of the Protocol on target setting and reporting (articles 6 and 7).
The Task Force assists Parties and other States working within the Protocol’s framework in establishing intersectoral targets on water, sanitation and health and in translating the commitments of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and of the Ostrava Declaration on Environment and Health into concrete national targets and action.
Achievements and tools developed under the Task Force

Targets set by Protocol Parties and other States are available here.

Future work

In 2020-2022, the Task Force will:

Support setting targets and implementing measures

  • Build capacity to set or revise targets and facilitate the sharing of experience on implementing measures under the Protocol’s programme of work . Synergies with National Policy Dialogues will be further strengthened;
  • Support the organization of tailor-made national, sub-regional and regional workshops to advance the setting or revision of targets, the implementation of measures and public participation in the implementation of the Protocol;
  • Promote the setting of targets in support of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Ostrava Declaration;
  • Promote good practices on setting targets and implementing measures, including through the twinning of Parties;

Strengthen reporting capacity

  • Assist Parties in complying with their reporting obligations under article 7 and support improvements in the quality of reporting;
  • Strengthen linkages between the reporting system under the Protocol and the 2030 Agenda global monitoring framework, including the WHO/UNICEF JMP, UN-Water GLAAS and GEMI initiative for integrated monitoring of SDG6;

Foster synergies with the 2030 Agenda and the Ostrava Declaration

  • Promote synergies with processes related to the SDGs relevant to water, sanitation, hygiene and health, by encouraging contributions to the Voluntary National Reports and by providing input to the ECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development and the High-level Political Forum;
  • Strengthen synergies with the European Environment and Health Process, by positioning the Protocol as an effective instrument in implementing and tracking progress on the Ostrava Declaration.

Twelfth meeting (17-18 November 2021)

Eleventh meeting (3 November 2020)

Tenth meeting (24-25 April 2018)

Ninth meeting (5 May 2017)

Workshop on setting targets under the Protocol to support implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (4-5 May 2017)

Workshop on collecting good practices on target setting and reporting (8-9 March 2016)

Eighth meeting (2 July 2015)

Seventh meeting (4 July 2014)

Sixth meeting (14 February 2013)

Fifth meeting (10-11 May 2012)

Fourth meeting (19-20 October 2011)

Third meeting (17-18February 2010)

Second meeting (12 February 2009)

First meeting (13-14 March 2008)

More information about the work carried out by the Task Force on Target Setting and Reporting

Last update date: July 19, 2021