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35th session

Informal Documents 35th session of GRSP (3 - 7 May 2004)

NOTE: As part of the secretariat's effort to reduce expenditure, informal documents made available one week prior to the session on this website will not be available in the conference room for distribution to session participants. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to the meeting.
No. 21 - UN/ECE/WP29/GRSP informal group on door lock door retention components 3rd Progress Report
English DOC(191 KB) PDF(133 KB)
No. 20 - (EEVC) Overview of the curent research of EEVC WG13 - Side impact
English - - - - - - - PDF(264 KB)
No. 19 - (CLEPA) Side Impact and Ease of Use Comparison between ISOFIX and LATCH
English - - - - - - - PDF(663 KB)
No. 18 - (France) French experts proposal concerning the technical requirements on Safety Belt Reminder
English DOC(33 KB) PDF(93 KB)
French DOC(31 KB) PDF(74 KB)
No. 16 - (Spain) Frontal collision of buses and coaches
English DOC(41 KB) PDF(83 KB)
No. 15 - (The Netherlands) Acceleration (and deceleration) Test devices PROPOSAL FOR DRAFT AMENDMENTS TO REGULATION No. 16 (safety belts)
English DOC(30 KB) PDF(74 KB)
No. 14 - (USA) Proposal for a global technical regulation on door locks and door retention components Revision 1
English DOC(1,158 KB) PDF(816 KB)
No. 13 - (UK) Seatbelts: Requirements for Minibuses and Coaches
English DOC(47 KB) PDF(104 KB)
No. 12 - (OICA) UN/ECE Regulation 17 - protection of occupants against luggage displacement
English DOC(32 KB) PDF(89 KB)
No. 11 - (CLEPA) Proposed amendments to series 6 of Regulation No. 14 - safety belt anchorages, isofix anchorages systems and isofix top tether anchorages
English DOC(1,480 KB) PDF(132 KB)
No. 10 - (Japan) Clarification of the Seatbelt Anchorage Test Method
English XLS(225 KB) PDF(103 KB)
No. 9 - (Japan) JMLIT Compatibility Research
English PPT(3,657 KB) PDF(2,494 KB)
No. 8 - (Germany) Proposal of velocity for the acceleration sled in Regulation No. 16
English DOC(364 KB) PDF(359 KB)
No. 7 - (Poland) Regulation No. 22. Interpretation needed
English DOC(24 KB) PDF(84 KB)
No. 6 - (Italy) Redactional amendments to document TRANS/WP.29/932 (Draft supplement 15 to the 04 series of amendments to Regulation No. 16 - safety belts - ISOFIX)
English DOC(20 KB) PDF(72 KB)
No. 5 - (Italy) Proposal for draft corrigendum to Regulation No. 14
English DOC(31 KB) PDF(76 KB)
No. 4 - (Japan) Pedestrian safety informal group: Second interim report and draft global technical regulation
English DOC(1,177 KB) PDF(773 KB)
No. 3 - Draft Regulation No. XX Uniform provisions concerning the approval of partitioning systems to protect passengers against displaced luggage, supplied as non original vehicle equipment.
English DOC(299 KB) PDF(267 KB)
No. 2 - (Consumers' International) Proposal for draft amendments to Regulation No. 17 (Strength of seats)
English DOC(35 KB) PDF(101 KB)
No. 1 - (Secretariat) Correction of figures of Regulation No. 16
English DOC(187 KB) PDF(93 KB)