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4th meeting

Informal Group on Child Restraints Systems - 4th meeting (CCFA - Paris, France, 18th June 2008)

CRS-4-9-Rev.1 - Final minutes of 4th meeting of the Informal Group on Child Restraint System
English only DOC (397 KB) PDF (227 KB)
CRS-4-8 - (JASIC) Fatalities and Injuries among Children in Motor Vehicle Crashes in Japan
English only PPT (111 KB) PDF (151 KB)
CRS-4-7 - (ANEC) A fatal contradiction
English only ---- PDF (1.95 MB)
CRS-4-6 - (TUB) Full-scale Tests with and without ISOFIX
English only ---- PDF (509 KB)
CRS-4-5 - (TUB) Short Report Forward Component in ISO Side Impact Test Procedure for CRS
English only ---- PDF (776 KB)
CRS-4-4 - (TUB) Side Impact Testing with Big Rear-Facing Scandinavian Child Restraints
English only ---- PDF (461 KB)
CRS-4-3 - (UTAC) Informal Group on CRS Vehicles Decelaration Pulses June, 18th
English only ---- PDF (980 KB)
CRS-4-2 - (First Technology) Q-dummies update in 2004
English only ---- PDF (893 KB)
CRS-4-1 - Agenda of the fourth meeting
English only DOC (39 KB) PDF (7 KB)