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33rd session

Informal Documents 33rd session of GRSP (2 - 6 June 2003)

SOFIX CRSVolume Envelope B1 Vehicle Fit
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orldSIDUpdate (ISO)
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No. 12 -(OICA) ECE Regulation 16 (TRANS/WP29/GRSP/2002/17)
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No. 11 -(Japan) Amendments 2 Regulation No. 14
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No. 10 -(Germany) Proposal for Draft Amendments to RegulationNo. 44 (Child restraints)
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No. 9 - (CLEPA)Amendments 2 Regulation No. 44
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No. 8 - (Italy)Child safety in buses and coaches
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No. 7 - (TheNetherlands) Proposal for Draft Amendments to RegulaitonNo. 44 (Child restraints)
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No. 6 - (CLEPA)Proposals for revision to TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2001/13.Proposal for Draft Amendments to Regulation No. 44 (Childrestraints)
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No. 5 - (USA)UN/ECE/WP29/GRSP Informal Group on Door Lock DoorRetention Components Preliminary Report (Presented byMr. George Mouchahoir, Chairman of the informal group)- Revised version by the author
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No. 4 - (OICA)Amendments to UN/ECE R17 - Strength of seats. OICA commentsto the proposal by the Czech Republic TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2003/3
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No. 3 - (OICA)Amendments to UN/ECE R14 - Safety-belt anchorages. OICAcomments to the proposal by Japan TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2002/16
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No. 2 - (Japan)UN/ECE/WP.29/GRSP Pedestrian Safety gtr informal group.Preliminary report
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No. 2/Rev.1- (Japan) UN/ECE/WP.29/GRSP Pedestrian Safety gtr informalgroup. Preliminary report
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No. 1 - (Germany)Comments to the OICA proposal (TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2003/2)for amendment to Regulation No.14
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