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1st meeting

Informal Group on gtr No. 7 (Head restraints) - 1st meeting (Geneva, Switzerland, 8th - December 2009)

GTR7-01-10 - Draft minutes of the meeting
English only DOC (92 KB) PDF (86 KB)
GTR7-01-09 - (Japan) Biorid II seating proposal
English only --- PDF (280 KB)
GTR7-01-08 - Terms of reference of the informal group on Head Restraints phase 2
English only --- PDF (280 KB)
GTR7-01-07 - (Republic of Korea) GTR No.7 2nd Phase Research Results
English only PPT (5689 KB) PDF (2115 KB)
GTR7-01-06 - (Denton) Global BioRID-II User's Meeting
English only --- PDF (4917 KB)
GTR7-01-05/Rev.2 - (Japan) Schedule of Head Restraint gtr Phase-2 Informal Working Group
English only XLS (44 KB) PDF (16 KB)
GTR7-01-04 - Comparisons for different Spine adjustment
English only --- PDF (604 KB)
GTR7-01-03 - (The Netherlands) Front contact surface
English only DOC (953 KB) PDF (510 KB)
GTR7-01-02 - (JASIC) Proposal for BioRIID II dummy standardizatiion activity for gtr No.7- Phase2
English only --- PDF (563 KB)