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10th Meeting

Informal Group on Head Restraints - 10th meeting
(Basildon, 8-9 November 2007)

HR-10-11 - (GRSP-chairperson) Revised version of HR-10-1
English only DOC (1,458 KB) PDF (839 KB)
HR-10-10 - (NL) The minimum Front Contact Surface Head Restraint
English only ---- PDF (1,481 KB)
HR-10-9 - (EEVC) EEVC WG12 Rear Impact Biofidelity Evaluation Programme
English only ---- PDF (592 KB)
HR-10-8 - (UK) EEVC WG12-20 Hybrid III Biofidelity Review
English only ---- PDF (259 KB)
HR-10-7 - (UK) Dynamic Geometric Options
English only ---- PDF (216 KB)
HR-10-6 - (UK) WG20 Static Geometric UK Cost-Benefit
English only ---- PDF (132 KB)
HR-10-5 - (EEVC) EEVC WG20 Recommendations for a Low-speed Rear Impact Sled Test Pulse
English only ---- PDF (540 KB)
HR-10-4 - (Japan) Proposal for Head Restraint gtr Phase 1 Dynamic Option for BioRID II
English only ---- PDF (1,717 KB)
HR-10-3 - (USA) Justification to Apply the Head Restraint GTR to Category 2 Vehicles with a GVM ≤ 4,500 kg
English only DOC (33 KB) PDF (22 KB)
HR-10-2 - (NL) Proposal for draft amendments to draft gtr on head restraints
English only ---- PDF (340 KB)
HR-10-1 - (GRSP-chairperson) Revised version of the draft gtr after GRSP 41st sesssion
English only DOC (1,446 KB) PDF (828 KB)