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15th meeting

Informal Group on Child Restraints Systems 15th meeting (BNA - Paris, France, 19th January 2010)

CRS-15-11 - Lateral Impact Test Procedure Results of Conference Calls
English only --- PDF (355 KB)
CRS-15-10 - (First technology) Test Bench Foam Definition
English only --- PDF (194 KB)
CRS-15-09 - Statement
English only --- PDF (8 KB)
CRS-15-08 - (OICA) Informal document No. GRSP-46-28 Revision of ECE-R44:OICA Position
English only --- PDF (269 KB)
CRS-15-07 - (OICA) ISOFIX child restraint fixture R2:Fitment in vehicles
English only --- PDF (312 KB)
CRS-15-04 - (ISO) ISO/SC12/WG.1 - ISOFIX max limit information
English only DOC (263 KB) PDF (82 KB)
CRS-15-03 - Finite Element Analysis of Child Occupant Responses in Side Impact
English only --- PDF (3.44 MB)
CRS-15-02/Rev.1 - New draft Regulation on CRS - Synthesis DRAFT 2009_12
English only DOC (3.87 MB) PDF (488 KB)
CRS-15-01 - Agenda of the meeting
English only DOC (40 KB) PDF (6 KB)