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5th meeting

Informal Group on Child Restraints Systems - 5th meeting (Vienna, Austria, 2nd September 2008)

CRS-5-6 - Minutes of 5th meeting of the Informal Group on Child Restraint System
English only DOC (747 KB) PDF (474 KB)
CRS-5-5 - (JASIC) Proposal Regarding Amendment of the CRS Regulation at the Informal Group on child Restraints
English only PPT (138 KB) PDF (442 KB)
CRS-5-4 - (CLEPA) ISOFIX load measurements
English only ---- PDF (865 KB)
CRS-5-3 - (TRL) NPACS test bench
English only ---- PDF (665 KB)
CRS-5-2 - (APROSYS) Evaluation of the side impact test procedure proposed by IHRA/SIWG
English only ---- PDF (2.49 MB)
CRS-5-1-Rev.1 - Final agenda of the fifth meeting
English only DOC (39 KB) PDF (20 KB)