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Joint Meeting RID/ADR/ADN (WP.15/AC.1)

WP.15/AC.1 Working documents Year 2001
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/53 - (France) Chapter 4.1 - p402 - Harmonization with the United Nations Model Regulations
  English DOC (187Kb) PDF  (14Kb)
  French DOC (92Kb) PDF  (17Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/52 - (UIP) Paragraphe 4.3.5, règlement spécial TU11, phrase 2
  French DOC (101Kb) PDF  (21Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/51 - (Netherlands) Proposal for the use of Vacuum Valves on certain Tanks with Tank Code L4BH or SGAH
  English DOC (78Kb) PDF  (21Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/50 - (Netherlands) Transport of Fireworks
  English DOC (86Kb) PDF  (27Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/49 - (EIGA) Amendments to Chapter 6.2 to align The Marking of Receptacles with the Provisions Adopted for Class 2 Receptacles in the UN Model Regulations
  English DOC (85Kb) PDF  (28Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/48 - (Belgique) Proposition d'amendement au chapitre 4.4
  French DOC (91Kb) PDF  (17Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/47 - (Austria) Classification of Radioactive Material
  English DOC (187Kb) PDF  (19Kb)
  French DOC (94Kb) PDF  (19Kb)
  Russian DOC (34Kb) PDF  (98Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/46 - (UK) Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Tanks with Recessed Valve Chest
  English DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/45 - (France) Chapitres 3.2 et 5.3 du RID/ADR restructuré. Signalisation orange des transports de matières radioactives et fissiles
  French DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/44 - (France) Chapitre 3.3 - Disposition spéciale 640
  French DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/43 - (CEFIC) Special packing provisions B1 & B2 for IBCs
  English DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/42 - (UK) Mixed Packing (Column 9(b))
  English DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/41 - (EIGA) Consequential amendments for tanks of class 2 in 4.3.3 and classification of toxic gases in
  English DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/40 - (CEFIC/CPIV) Special Provision Applicable to UN 2790, Packing Group III
  English DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
  French DOC (112Kb) PDF  (45Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/39 - (OCTI) Citernes vides, non nettoyées
  French DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/38 - (Autriche) Rapports de quantités entre emballages intérieurs et emballages extérieurs pour les LQ pour matières solides
  French DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/37 - (UIP) Chapitre 4.3 : matières (+)/citernes à usage alternatif/hiérarchie des citernes (
  French DOC (105Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/36 - (France) Chapitre 6.8 - Épreuves d'étanchéité des cisternes
  French DOC (48Kb) PDF  (17Kb)
  English DOC (167Kb) PDF  (38Kb)
  French DOC (134Kb) PDF  (39Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/34 - (EIGA) Amendments to chapters 4.3, 6.7 and 6.8 to accommodate the provisions adopted for class 2 MEGCs in the un model regulations
  English DOC (185Kb) PDF  (48Kb)
  French DOC (121Kb) PDF  (53Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/33 - (EIGA) Amendments to chapter 6.2 to accommodate the provisions adopted for class 2 receptacles in the un model regulations
  English DOC (213Kb) PDF  (57Kb)
  French DOC (139Kb) PDF  (67Kb)
  Russian DOC (125Kb) PDF  (278Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/32 - (EIGA) Amendments to chapter 4.1 to accommodate the provisio 2 receptacles in the UN model regulations
  English DOC (381Kb) PDF  (103Kb)
  French DOC (193Kb) PDF  (113Kb)
  Russian DOC (368Kb) PDF  (304Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/31 - (Allemagne) Transport de matières radioactives/exemptions pour les travaux de réparation et de maintenance
  English DOC (190Kb) PDF  (19Kb)
  French DOC (98Kb) PDF  (21Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/30 - (Allemagne) Transport de matières radioactives dans les emballages vides, non nettoyés
  French DOC (97Kb) PDF  (21Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/29 - (Suisse/Liechstentein) Chapitre 5.3 : plaques-étiquettes sur les citernes à plusieurs compartiments
  English DOC (191Kb) PDF  (19Kb)
  French DOC (98Kb) PDF  (21Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/28 - (Allemagne) Chapitre 4.1: instruction d'emballage P200 pour les matieres qui ne sont pas affectées a la classe 2. Chapitre 3.2: affectation des instructions d'emballage
  English DOC (211Kb) PDF  (29Kb)
  French DOC (117Kb) PDF  (32Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/27 - (Suisse) Reprise de normes dans le RID et dans l'ADR
  English DOC (188Kb) PDF  (16Kb)
  French DOC (96Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/26 - (Secretariat) Restructuring of ADR Parts 7-9
  English DOC (50Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
  French DOC (53Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/25 - (Secretariat) Restructuring of ADR Part 6
  English DOC (118Kb) PDF  (32Kb)
  French DOC (69Kb) PDF  (30Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/24 - (Secretariat) Restructuring of ADR Part 5
  English DOC (114Kb) PDF  (23Kb)
  French DOC (54Kb) PDF  (19Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/23 - (Secretariat) Restructuring of ADR Part4
  English DOC (243Kb) PDF  (176Kb)
  French DOC (56Kb) PDF  (24Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/22 - (Secretariat) Restructuring of ADR Part 3
  English DOC (185Kb) PDF  (68Kb)
  French DOC (191Kb) PDF  (70Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/21 - (Secretariat) Restructuring of ADR Part 2
  English DOC (64Kb) PDF  (31Kb)
  French DOC (69Kb) PDF  (29Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/20 - (Secretariat) Restructuring of ADR Part 1
  English DOC (54Kb) PDF  (28Kb)
  French DOC (56Kb) PDF  (24Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/19 - (EIGA) Amendments to the text oapter 5.1, section 5.1.2 use of overpacks
  English DOC (243Kb) PDF  (176Kb)
  French DOC (50Kb) PDF  (21Kb)
  Russian DOC (36Kb) PDF  (157Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/18 - (EIGA) Amendments to the text of ADR/RID Part 6 - Chapter 6.8 Special requirements ss 2; leakproofness tests, item
  English DOC (76Kb) PDF  (27Kb)
  French DOC (51Kb) PDF  (25Kb)
  Russian DOC (39Kb) PDF  (164Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/17 - (EIGA) Minimum shell thickness for spherical tanks
  English DOC (71Kb) PDF  (24Kb)
  French DOC (48Kb) PDF  (26Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/16 - (EIGA) Amendments to the text of ADR/RID PART 1-section 1.1.3 Exemptions
  English DOC (71Kb) PDF  (24Kb)
  French DOC (49Kb) PDF  (24Kb)
  Russian DOC (37Kb) PDF  (160Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/15 - (EIGA) Amendments to the text of ADR/5.2, section Provisions for labels
  English DOC (1045Kb) PDF  (168Kb)
  French DOC (51Kb) PDF  (27Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/14 - (Germany) Report of the meeting of working group (Berlin 24-26 January 2001)
  English DOC (156Kb) PDF  (28Kb)
  French DOC (63Kb) PDF (33Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/13 - (AEGPL) Proposals to align two parts of ADR/RID covering the fitting of safety valves to pressurised tanks / tankers
  English DOC (71Kb) PDF  (25Kb)
  French DOC (51Kb) PDF  (29Kb)
  Russian DOC (44Kb) PDF  (132Kb)
  English DOC (67Kb) PDF  (18Kb)
  French DOC (47Kb) PDF  (18Kb)
  Russian DOC (33Kb) PDF  (99Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/11 - (CEN) Proposal regarding the reference to standards in section test requirements for the material used for welded pressure tank or tanks for refrigerated liquefied gases
  English DOC (70Kb) PDF  (18Kb)
  French DOC (51Kb) PDF  (24Kb)
  Russian DOC (38Kb) PDF  (155Kb)
  English DOC (66Kb) PDF  (17Kb)
  French DOC (46Kb) PDF  (17Kb)
  Russian DOC (31Kb) PDF  (99Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/9 - (FIATA) General information required in the transport document - Chapter
  English DOC (81Kb) PDF  (27Kb)
  French DOC (59Kb) PDF  (28Kb)
  Russian DOC (55Kb) PDF  (153Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/8 (FIATA) Deletion of the abbreviations "ADR and "RID"
  English DOC (69Kb) PDF  (18Kb)
  French DOC (47Kb) PDF  (20Kb)
  Russian DOC (35Kb) PDF  (104Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/7 - (A) Étiquetage des suremballages avec l'étiquette no. 11
  English DOC (191Kb) PDF  (18Kb)
  French DOC (45Kb) PDF  (20Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/6 - (CEPE & CEFIC) CHAPTER 3.3 - SPECIAL PROVISIONS - DOCUMENTATION. Proposal to delete Special Provision 640 to achieve modal harmonisation
  English DOC (68Kb) PDF  (18Kb)
  French DOC (49Kb) PDF  (20Kb)
  Russian DOC (38Kb) PDF  (108Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/5 - (N) Amendments to the Text of RID/ADR - Part 2 of RID/ADR- Glossary of names
  English DOC (67Kb) PDF  (20Kb)
  French DOC (48Kb) PDF  (20Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/4 - (D) Amendments to the Provisions for the transport of Class 9 Substances in Closed or Covered Vehicles
  English DOC (64Kb) PDF  (20Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/3 - (D) Chapitre 6.8: Formule d'épaisseur minimale équivalante adéquate des parois des Conteneurs-Citernes
  English DOC (175Kb) PDF  (111Kb)
  French DOC (190Kb) PDF  (45Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/2 - Proposed References to CEN Standards in ADR/RID
  English DOC (51Kb) PDF  (19Kb)
  French DOC (49Kb) PDF  (22Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/AC.1/2001/1 - (A) Packages with Limited Quantities Contained in Overpacks
  English DOC (49Kb) PDF  (20Kb)