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Rev. 12 (2001)

UN Model Regulations

UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Model Regulations
Twelfth revised edition

© 2001 United Nations Publications
All rights reserved

From this page it is possible to view and download the different Parts of the twelfth revised edition of the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Model Regulations, in pdf format. The English version of this publication is also available on CD-Rom.

Corrigendum 1 PDF (109KB)
Corrigendum 2 PDF (121KB)
Corrigendum 3 PDF (99KB)
Table of contents PDF (163KB)
Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods PDF (181KB)
Part 1 General provisions, definitions and training PDF (189KB)
Part 2 Classification PDF (730KB)
Part 3 Dangerous goods list and limited quantities exceptions PDF (1362KB)
Part 4 Packing and tank provisions PDF (697KB)
Part 5 Consignment procedures PDF (393KB)
Part 6 Requirements for the construction and testing of packagings, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), large packagings and portable tanks PDF (1096KB)
Part 7 Provisions concerning transport operations PDF (187KB)
Appendices PDF (272KB)
Alphabetical index of substances and articles PDF (351KB)
Table of correspondence between paragraphs in the IAEA Regulations and in the UN Recommendations PDF (71KB)