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GHS (Rev.2) (2007)

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)

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Corrigendum 1 PDF (73KB)

Corrigendum 2 PDF (71KB)

Foreword and table of contents   PDF (121KB)

Part 1 Introduction  PDF (615KB)
Part 2 Physical Hazards  PDF (466KB)
Part 3 Health Hazards  PDF (763KB)
Part 4 Environmental Hazards  PDF (265KB)
Annex 1 Allocation of label elements  PDF (403KB)
Annex 2 Classification and labelling summary tables  PDF (624KB)
Annex 3 Codification of hazard statements, codification and use of precautionary statements and examples of precautionary pictograms PDF (522KB)
Annex 4 Guidance on the preparation of Safety Data Sheets  PDF (162KB)
Annex 5 Consumer product labelling based on the likelihood of injury  PDF (115KB)
Annex 6 Comprehensibility testing methodology  PDF (155KB)
Annex 7 Examples of arrangements of the GHS label elements  PDF (164KB)
Annex 8 An example of classification in the Globally Harmonized Systems  PDF (130KB)
Annex 9 Guidance on hazards to the aquatic environment  PDF (509KB)
Annex 10 Guidance on transformation/dissolution of metals and metal compounds  PDF (191KB)