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GHS 1st edition (2003)

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)

© 2003 United Nations
All rights reserved
The document here below describes the GHS. It contains harmonized classification criteria and hazard communication elements. In addition, guidance is included in the document to assist countries and organizations in the development of tools for implementation of the GHS. The GHS is designed to permit self-classification. The provisions for implementation of the GHS allow the uniform development of national policies, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate any special requirements that might have to be met. Furthermore, the GHS is intended to create user-friendly approach, to facilitate the work of enforcement bodies and to reduce the administrative burden.
How to order the official publication of the GHS

Corrigendum 1 PDF (129KB)

Corrigendum 3  PDF (110KB)

Table of contents  PDF (151KB)

Part 1 Introduction to the GHS PDF (317KB)
Part 2 Physical Hazards PDF (488KB)
Part 3 Health and Environmental Hazards PDF (1063KB)
Annex 1 Allocation of label elements PDF (397KB)
Annex 2 Classification and labelling PDF (560KB)
Annex 3 Precautionary statements, pictogramss PDF (304KB)
Annex 4 Consumer product labelling based on the likelihood of injury PDF (114KB)
Annex 5 Comprehensibility testing methodology PDF (158KB)
Annex 6 Examples of arrangements of the GHS label elements PDF (149KB)
Annex 7 An example of classification in the Globally Harmonized Systems PDF (131KB)
Annex 8 Guidance on hazards to the aquatic environment PDF (545KB)
Annex 9 Guidance on transformation/dissolution of metals and metal compounds PDF (176KB)