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ACCC/C/2021/186 Portugal

Case status: Pending.
Topics: Access to environmental information; Public participation.
Articles alleged: 4 (1)–(3) (c); 6 (3), 6 (4); 7.
Articles considered by the Committee:
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance:
Summary: The communication was submitted to the Compliance Committee on 2 May 2021 by Fundação Montescola, an environmental non-governmental organization. The communication alleges the violation of articles 4 (1)–(3) (c), (7) and 6 (3) and (4) of the Convention with respect to the development of the Barroso Mine expansion project. 

Document Status Date received
posted by the secretariat
Annex 1: Law no. 26/2016
From the communicant 02.05.2021
Email enclosing additional information
Annex 1 - Reply to request for documentation relating to the EIA procedure for the Barroso Mine Expansion project, 08.03.2021 ENG POR
Annex 2 - Report no. 102/2021 from the Commission for Access to Administrative Documents, 24.03.2021 ENG POR
Annex 3 - Decision from the Director of Environmental Assessment of APA, 19.05.2021 ENG POR
From the communicant 20.05.2021
Request From observer (Mr. Fernando Queiroga) 09.06.2021
Letter requesting to join as observer and providing additional information
Annex 1: APA’s response 25.03.2021 ENG POR
Annex 2: CARA’s report no 145/2021, 09.06.2021 ENG POR
Annex 3: CCDRN’s response 12.02.2021 ENG POR
Annex 4: CCDRN’s response 08.04.2021 ENG POR
Annex 5: APA’s response 17.02.2020 ENG POR
Annex 6: DGEG’s response 26.03.2021 ENG POR 
Annex 7: DGP’s response 31.03.2021 ENG POR
From observer (Mr. Volker) 14.06.2021
Statement on preliminary admissibility at Committee’s 71st meeting From the communicant 06.07.2021
Email enclosing statement on preliminary admissibility From the Party concerned 07.07.2021
Letter enclosing questions to the parties from the Committee From the secretariat 22.09.2021
Reply to Committee’s questions From the Party concerned 15.10.2021
Reply to the Committee’s questions
Annex 1: Evaluation of the Tailings Storage Facility for the Proposed Savannah Lithium Barroso Mine ENG
Annex 2: Avaliação da Instalação de Armazenamento de Rejeitados da Proposta de Mina de Lítio do Barroso da Savannah Lithium POR
Annex 3: CADA Report 185/2021 regarding process 172/2021 POR
Annex 4: CADA Report 187/2021 regarding process 285/2021 POR
Annex 5: Full page news piece published in “Público”, 29.04.2021 POR
Annex 6: Full page news piece published in “Público” 29.04.2021 ENG
Annex 7: Judicial summons of the administrative authority, 27.04.2021 POR
From the communicant 15.10.2021 (dated 13.10.2021)
Annex 8: CADA Report 228/2021 regarding process 294/2021 POR
Annex 9: CADA Report 233/2021 regarding process 323/2021 POR
Annex 10: Final decision by DSEF-RG, 24.09.2021 POR
Annex 11: CADA Report 195/2021 regarding process 230/2021 POR
Annex 12: CADA Report 278/2021 regarding process 389/2021 POR
Additional information
Annex 1: Participa platform POR and ENG
Annex 2: Environmental Impact Assessment Information System POR and ENG
Annex 3: Server Error 1 ENG
Annex 4: Server Error 2 ENG
Annex 5: Server Error 3 ENG
Annex 6: Server Error 4 ENG
Annex 7: SILiaAmb Login Page POR and ENG
From the observer, Mining Watch 19.10.2021
Letters to the Party concerned and the communicant enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding the communication for the Party concerned's response From the secretariat  05.11.2021
Request (dated 22.11.2021) From observer UNIDOS EM DEFESA DE COVAS DO BARROSO 04.12.2021

Email enclosing response to communication
Annex 1: Cover email from APA, 18.02.2022 POR
Annex 1.1: APA’s letter of 29.04.2021 POR
Annex 1.2: APA’s letter of 06.09.2021 POR
Annex 1.3: APA’s letter of 06.07.2021 POR
Annex 1.4: APA’s letter of 18.02.2022 POR
Annex 2: Judgment of the Tribunal Administrativo de Círculo de Lisboa of 21.10.2021 ENG POR

From the Party concerned 04.04.2022
Comments on Party concerned’s response From the communicant 11.04.2022

Observer statement
Annex 1: Email dated 06.12.2021 to APA POR
Annex 2: Email dated 28.10.2021 to APA POR
Annex 2.1: Environmental information request on procedure no. 1258 ENG and POR
Annex 2.2: Environmental information request on procedure no. 3353 ENG and POR
Annex 3: Reply from APA 09.02.2022 POR
Annex 4: Reply from CADA 09.02.2022 POR

From the observer UNIDOS EM DEFESA DE COVAS DO BARROSO 22.04.2022
Email enclosing update
Annex 1: Statement of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, 27 September 2022
From the communicant 10.10.2022
Email enclosing update
Annex 1: Newspaper article dated 01.12.2022
Annex 2: Newspaper article dated 05.12.2022
From the communicant 06.12.2022

Annex 1: EIA evaluation process update, 06.07.2022
Annex 2: Barroso Lithium Project EIA update: submission of documentation to APA, 16.03.2023
Annex 3: Report of the Special Rapporteur, Mr. Boyd, on visit to Portugal, 04.01.2023

From the communicant 28.03.2023
Annex A: First Freedom of Information request, 05.04.2023
Annex B: Automated reply to Freedom of Information request, 05.04.2023
Annex C: Reply to a Freedom of Information request by the Party concerned, 17.02.2020
Annex D: Second Freedom of Information request, 05.05.2023
Annex E: Third Freedom of Information request, 05.05.2023
Annex F: Fourth Freedom of Information request, 05.05.2023
Annex G: Judgment of CADA, 22.11.2023
Annex H: Fifth Freedom of Information request, 20.10.2023
Annex I: Sixth Freedom of Information request, 20.10.2023
Annex J: Email from Party concerned, 22.11.2023
From the observer, Mining Watch 10.01.2024
Annex K: Email from Party concerned, 22.11.2023
Annex L: Email to Party concerned, 12.12.2023
Annex M: Seventh Freedom of Information request, 12.12.2023
Letter to the Party concerned From the secretariat 05.02.2024
Reply to Committee’s letter of 05.02.2024
Annex 1: Email from APA dated 08.03.2021 enclosing letter S010233-202102-DAIA.DAP POR
Annex 2: Letter S010233-202102-DAIA.DAP POR
Annex 3: Letter S025768-202104-DAIA.DAP dated 29.04.2021 POR
Annex 4: Email from APA dated 19.05.2021 enclosing letter S032237-202105-DAIA.DAP POR
Annex 5: Letter S032237-202105-DAIA.DAP POR
Annex 6: Email from APA dated 06.09.2021 enclosing letter S051631-202108-DAIA.DAP POR
Annex 7: Letter S051631-202108-DAIA.DAP POR
Annex 8: Email from APA dated 19.02.2024 enclosing letter S010709-202402-DAIA.DAP POR
From the Party concerned 21.02.2024
Annex 9: Letter S010709-202402-DAIA.DAP POR
Annex 10: Report on transboundary impacts of Barroso mine project POR
Letter to the Party concerned and communicant seeking their views on whether a hearing is needed From the secretariat 18.03.2024
Reply as to need for a hearing From the Party concerned 21.03.2024
Reply as to need for a hearing From the communicant 21.03.2024
Annex: Case No 576/23.4BESNT ENG POR
From observer Unidos em Defesa de Covas do Barroso 13.04.2024 (dated 27.03.2024)