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Working Group on Genetically Modified Organisms

Working Group on Genetically Modified Organisms
Fourth meeting of the Working Group
Third meeting of the Working Group
First and Second meetings of the Working Group



At its first session (Lucca, Italy, 21-23 October 2002), the Meeting of the Parties established a new Working Group to examine and build upon the preparatory work undertaken by a previous Working Group on  GMOs established by the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy (the first Working Group).

The task of the Working Group was to explore options for a legally binding approach to further developing the application of the Convention in the field of GMOs, including through possible instruments and to develop selected options for consideration and possible decision or adoption by the Meeting of the Parties at their second session. 

As a result of this work, through decision II/1 adopted at its second session (Almaty, 25-27 May 2005), the Meeting of the Parties adopted an amendment to the Convention. For the text of the GMO amendment see here