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Expert Group on Public Participation

The Meeting of the Parties decided at its third session (Riga, 11–13 June 2008) to address implementation of the Convention’s provisions on public participation by establishing an intersessional body under the authority of the Working Group of the Parties in the form of an Ad Hoc Expert Group on Public Participation. Through decision III/9 on the work programme for 2009 – 2011 (ECE/MP.PP/2008/2/Add.17), the Ad Hoc Expert Group was given a mandate to coordinate information-sharing on public participation in decision-making, including through the collection of good practice examples, and to advise the Working Group of the Parties on the terms of reference for a task force on public participation. Parties, Observers and other stakeholders were subsequently invited to nominate experts to participate in the Expert Group.

The first meeting of the Expert Group on Public Participation took place from 7 to 8 July 2009 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.