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28th session

ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

AC.10/C.3 Informal documents 28th session (28 November - 7 December 2005)

NOTE: As part of the secretariat's effort to reduce expenditure, informal documents made available one week prior to the session on this website will not be available in the conference room for distribution to session participants. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to the meeting.
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.51 - (Secretariat) Default fireworks classsfication
English  DOC (31Kb) PDF (104Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.50 - Harmonization of the IAEA Transport Regulations and UN Model Regulations
English  DOC (38Kb) PDF (110Kb)
English  DOC (43Kb) PDF (90Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.48 - (Secretariat) Oucome of DSC10
English  DOC (238Kb) PDF (292Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.47 - (Secretariat) Outcome of the 20th session of the ICAO DGP
English  DOC (116Kb) PDF (145Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.45 - Proposal to rationalize the language used for groups of cylinders within bundles and MEGCs
English  DOC (33Kb) PDF (106Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.44 - Chapter 6.3
English  DOC (110Kb) PDF (175Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.42 - (United Kingdom) Harmonization with GHS
English  DOC (32Kb) PDF (125Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.41 - (United Kingdom) Review of Chapter 6.3 (track changes)
English  DOC (179Kb) PDF (214Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.40 - (Belgium) Comments to ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/42
English  DOC (29Kb) PDF (75Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.39- (Germany) Infectious substances: Definition of cultures
English  DOC (36Kb) PDF (122Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.38 - (Germany) Infectious substances: Comments on ST/SG/AC. 10/C.3/2005/59
English  DOC (25Kb) PDF (83Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.37 - (United States of America) Guidance for the assignment of IBC special provisions
English  DOC (111Kb) PDF (136Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.36 - (IAEA) IAEA Activities
English  DOC (72Kb) PDF (116Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.35 - (United Kingdom) Harmonization with IAEA Regulations for the safe transport of Dangerous Goods
English  DOC (116Kb) PDF (162Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.34 - (United Kingdom) Excepted quantities
English  DOC (102Kb) PDF (113Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.33 - (Australia) Protection and strength of bottom discharge valves on IBC’s
English  DOC (67Kb) PDF (98Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.32 - (Germany) Comments on UN/SCETDG/28/INF.5 (Report of the Informal IBC Working Group)leakproofness test; limitation of deformation
English  DOC (31Kb) PDF (74Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.31 - (Germany) Comments on UN/SCETDG/28/INF.5 (Report of the Informal IBC Working Group - Agenda item 2) UV - degradation
English  DOC (32Kb) PDF (72Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.30 - (Australia) Definition of closed (cargo) transport unit
English  DOC (87Kb) PDF (116Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.29 - (Australia) Water resistance of IBCs
English  DOC (72Kb) PDF (123Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.28 - (Australia) Definition of (cargo) transport unit
English  DOC (82Kb) PDF (108Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.27 - (Australia) Secondary means of closure on bottom openings on IBCs
English  DOC (64Kb) PDF (104Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.26 - (Belgium) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/26
English  DOC (63Kb) PDF (67Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.25 - (USA) Comments to ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/25 Proposals to amend Chapter 6.2
English  DOC (75Kb) PDF (95Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.24 - (ICPP) Additional information to the report of the IBC Working Group (INF.5) and proposals for further work
English  DOC (80Kb) PDF (120Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.23 - (USA) Position of UN Number and Hazard description on labels and placards
English  DOC (57Kb) PDF (100Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.22 - (Secretariat) ECOSOC Resolution 53
English  ---- PDF (585Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.21 - (USA) Substances forbidden from transport under any circumstances – Comments on UN/SCETDG/28/INF.11
English  DOC (108Kb) PDF (112Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.20 - (UK) Tolerance for labels deviating from the models of Chapter 5.2: further considerations
English  DOC (69Kb) PDF (86Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.19 - (France) Fuel cell systems and fuel cartridges containing borohydrides - Comments on -/C.3/2005/16 and -/32
English  DOC (90Kb) PDF (94Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.18 - (CEPE)Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/56 - Class 3 Flammable liquids classification criteria
English  DOC (67Kb) PDF (62Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.17 - (ICCA)Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/27
English  DOC (80Kb) PDF (80Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.16 - (Italy)A two steps approach to Global Harmonization
English  DOC (75Kb) PDF (103Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.15 - (Italy)IBCs and large packagings
English  DOC (64Kb) PDF (73Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.14 - (Italy)Special provisions 61 and 274
English  DOC (64Kb) PDF (85Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.13 - (Italy)N.O.S. entries and Special provision 274
English  DOC (128Kb) PDF (89Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.12 - (Italy) - Miscellaneous - Editorial
English  DOC (69Kb) PDF (74Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.11 - (Italy)Substances whose transport is proibited
English  DOC (79Kb) PDF (89Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.10 - Comments on the proposals in ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/30 for packing containers of Calcium Carbide
English  DOC (64Kb) PDF (62Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.9 - Infectious substances - Exemptions
English  DOC (92Kb) PDF (69Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.8 - Guiding principles for the Model Regulations
English  DOC (210Kb) PDF (193Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.7 -Provisional timetable for the 28th session of the SCETDG
English  DOC (72Kb) PDF (77Kb)
English  DOC (33Kb) PDF (72Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.6 - Packaging of Bromine UN 1744, P601
English  DOC (41Kb) PDF (89Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.5/Add.1 - Canadian comments
English  DOC (318Kb) PDF (133Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.5 - Report of the IBC informal Working Group (Paris, 10-13 October 2005)
English  ------ PDF (909Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.4 - (Secretariat) Withdrawal of documents
English  DOC (63Kb) PDF (65Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.3 - Application for consultative status by RECHARGE aisbl
English  ------ PDF (893Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.2 - List of documents under agenda items
English  DOC (101Kb) PDF (102Kb)
UN/SCETDG/28/INF.1 - List of documents
English  DOC (80Kb) PDF (79Kb)