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27th session

ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

AC.10/C.3 Informal documents 27th session (4 - 8 July 2005)

NOTE: As part of the secretariat's effort to reduce expenditure, informal documents made available one week prior to the session on this website will not be available in the conference room for distribution to session participants. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to the meeting.
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.41 - (Canada) Terms of Reference for a Working Group on IBC Performance Tests (Paris, 10-14 Octobre 2005)
English DOC(24Kb) PDF (71Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.40 - (China) Proposals of suppplement to the packing containers of calcium carbide and its safety measures
English DOC(50Kb) PDF (104Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.39 - Report of the Working Group on Explosives, self-reactives substances and organic peroxides
English DOC(85Kb) PDF (87Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.38 - (IMO) Amendments to the IMDG Code and supplements, including harmonization of the IMDG Code with the UN - Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods
English ---- PDF (597Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.37 - (ICAO) Report of the meeting of the working group of the Whole WG/05
English ---- PDF (312Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.36 - (France) Amendments to the Manual of Tests and Criteria
English DOC(25Kb) PDF (78Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.35 - (USA) Portable tank instructions and special provisions for UN 3129
English DOC(164Kb) PDF (195Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.34 - (USA) Guiding principles for the Model Regulations - Rationalized Approach for Portable Tanks
English DOC(241Kb) PDF (203Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.33 - (ISO) Packaging - Transport packages for dangerous goods - Recycled plastics material
English ---- PDF (254Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.32 - (IAEA) Measures to Strengthen International Cooperation in Nuclear, Radiation and Transport Safety and Waste Management"
English ---- PDF (204Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.31 - (Netherlands) Aluminium witness screens used in Ssesries 6(c) testing - Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/5
English DOC(68Kb) PDF (77Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.30 -(Secretariat) Listing, classification and packing
English DOC(66Kb) PDF (67Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.29 - (Secretariat) SP230, lithium batteries
English ---- PDF (95Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.28 - (EPBA) Application for consultative status by the Euroopean Portable Battery Association
English ---- PDF (117Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.27 - (ICCA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/17
English DOC(78Kb) PDF (88Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.26 - (ICPP) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/4 "Approval of Intermediate Bulk Containers"
English DOC(72Kb) PDF (94Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.25 - (ICPP) Approval of IBC's - UV-Resistance of plastics used in IBCs - Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/2
English DOC(70Kb) PDF (87Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.24 - ( ICCA)Provisions for the transport of solid substances in bulk containers - Revised rationalized approach
English DOC(436Kb) PDF (230Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.23 - (USA) Guiding principles for the Model Regulations
English DOC(318Kb) PDF (150Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.22 - (USA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/15 - Review of Chapter 6.3
English DOC(67Kb) PDF (80Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.21 - (USA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/6 and -/2005/14 - Test series 8
English DOC(66Kb) PDF (73Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.20 - (USA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/22
English DOC(64Kb) PDF (69Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.19 - (Denmark) Default classification of fireworks - Information on test results for a rocket
English DOC(53Kb) PDF (128Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.18 - (Secretariat) Report of the Ad hoc Working Group on the Harmonization of RID/ADR/ADN with the UN Recommendations
English DOC(899Kb) PDF (428Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.17 - (Australia) Request for clarification in respect of the IAEA Regulations
English DOC(197Kb) PDF (99Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.16 - (Australia) Water Resistance of IBCs
English DOC(67Kb) PDF (84Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.15 - (ICCA) Revision of ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/10
English DOC(2,464Kb) PDF (196Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.14 - (Canada) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/2
English DOC(68Kb) PDF (71Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.13 - (Canada) UV Resistance of plastics used in IBCs
English DOC(68Kb) PDF (77Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.12 - (Secretariat) Physical hazards
English DOC(55Kb) PDF (133Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.11 - (Austria) Viscosity and flash point in accordance with the table in
English DOC(69Kb) PDF (137Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.10 - (Austria) Chemical names
English DOC(63Kb) PDF (71Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.9 - (Austria) Marking of IBC stacking test load
English DOC(64Kb) PDF (69Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.8 - (Austria) Maximum degree of filling for filling by mass
English DOC(74Kb) PDF (94Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.7 - (Sweden) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/11 and ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2005/14
English DOC(87Kb) PDF (119Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.6 - (DGAC) New Entry for "FLAMMABLE LIQUID, WATER SOLUBLE, N.O.S. containing polar or water soluble mixtures or solutions with a water solubility exceeding 10%"
English DOC(77Kb) PDF (91Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.5 - (PRBA) Use of Watt-hours as a size criterion for lithium ion batteries
English DOC(85Kb) PDF (107Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.4 - (Germany) Amendments to the Manual of Tests and Criteria
English DOC(197Kb) PDF (177Kb)
UN/SCETDG/27/INF.3 - Provisional timetable/Calendrier provisoire
English/French DOC(29Kb) PDF (74Kb)