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26th session

ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

AC.10/C.3 Informal documents 26th session (29 November - 3 December 2004)

NOTE: As part of the secretariat's effort to reduce expenditure, informal documents made available one week prior to the session on this website will not be available in the conference room for distribution to session participants. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to the meeting.
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.64 - Revision of 4.1.3 to incorporate requirements for presure receptacles to containing liquid or solid dangerous goods other than Class 2
English DOC (45Kb) PDF (12Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.63 - (Germany) ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/93/Rev.1 - Re-inspection and testing of IBCs
English DOC (89Kb) PDF (29Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.62 - (Secretariat) Draft ECOSOC Resolution
English DOC (27Kb) PDF (12Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.61 - (IMO) DSC/Circ 12
English - - - - - - - PDF (349Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.58 - Paragraphs and
English DOC (21Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.57 - (Germany) Packing instructions P601 - P602
English DOC (24Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.55 - (United Kingdom) Amendment of paragraph
English DOC (22Kb) PDF (5Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.53 - Outcome of the lunchtime Working Gronp on 30-11-04 - Transport of aerosols for disposal
English DOC (24Kb) PDF (7Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.51 - (IAEA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/80
English DOC (36Kb) PDF (12Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.50 - (Canada) Infectious substances (Ref doc. ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/99)
English DOC (27Kb) PDF (11Kb)
English DOC (26Kb) PDF (10Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.49 - (Secretariat) Segregation from foodstuffs
English DOC (21Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.48 - (France) Vibration test for desing types of packagings intended for the transport of dangerous goods
English DOC (38Kb) PDF (12Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.47 - (Chairman of the Joint Meeting) Limited quantities
English DOC (28Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.46 - (France) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/107
English DOC (29Kb) PDF (10Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.45 - (UK) Classification criteria for fireworks
English DOC (269Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.44 - (FEA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/105 (USA)
English DOC (25Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.43 - (Secretariat) Draft corrigendum to the English version of the UN Model Regulations (13th revised edition)
English DOC (41Kb) PDF (214Kb)
French DOC (46Kb) PDF (220Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.42 - (Belgium) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/85 (EIGA) and UN/SCETDG/26/INF.27 (USA)
English DOC (23Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.41 - (Australia) Approval of Intermediate Bulk Containers
English DOC (120Kb) PDF (83Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.40 - (Australia) Definitions of Transport Units and Closed Transport Units
English DOC (23Kb) PDF (10Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.39 - (Australia) Classification testing for Class 8 materials
English DOC (23Kb) PDF (7Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.38 - (Australia) Aluminium witness screens used in Series 6(c) Testing
English DOC (34Kb) PDF (7Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.37 - (ICAO) Infectious substances
English DOC (21Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.36 - (ICAO) Comments on the World Convention on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
English DOC (26Kb) PDF (10Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.35 - (USA) Infectious substances
English DOC (27Kb) PDF (13Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.34 - (Belgium) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/82 (Germany)
English DOC (25Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.33 - (WHO) Infectious substances
English DOC (34Kb) PDF (13Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.32 - (Belgium) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/100 (Secretariat) and on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/105 (USA)
English DOC (27Kb) PDF (10Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.31 - (UK) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/105 (USA)
English DOC (40Kb) PDF (18Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.30 - (UK) Guiding principles
English DOC (21Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.29 - (ICCR) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/88, proposed vibration test for design types of packaging intended for the transport of dangerous goods
English DOC (24Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.28 - (USA) Use of aluminum alloy cylinders in Acetylene service
English DOC (23Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.27 - (USA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/85 Definition of Class 2 Gases
English DOC (24Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.26 - (USA/Germany) Packing instructions P601 and P602
English DOC (24Kb) PDF (10Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.26/Rev.1 - (USA) Packing instructions P601 and P602
English DOC (21Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.25 - (USA) Packaging of pressure receptacles
English DOC (26Kb) PDF (11Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.24 - (USA) Replacement values for filling ratios in P200
English DOC (30Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.23 - (ICAO) ICAO's intention to issue an Addendum to the 2005-2006 ICAO TI
English DOC (37Kb) PDF (86Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.22 - (UK) Revision of Chapter 6.3
English DOC (94Kb) PDF (145Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.21 - (UK) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/101
English DOC (30Kb) PDF (87Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.20 - (PRBA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/96 regarding changes to SP 188 for lithium batteries
English DOC (72Kb) PDF (82Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.19 - (USA) Comments on IATA proposals ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/78 and -/2004/81
English DOC (108Kb) PDF (93Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.18 - (Germany) Vibration test for design types of packagings and IBCs
English DOC (28Kb) PDF (62Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.17 - (SEFEL) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/88 and AddS
English DOC (28Kb) PDF (76Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.16 - (IMO) Outcome of the ninth session of the Sub-Committee DSC
English DOC (26Kb) PDF (71Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.15 - (South Africa) Hazard Communication for Organic Peroxides
English DOC (21Kb) PDF (6Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.14 - (VOHMA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/105 (USA)
English DOC (32Kb) PDF (12Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.13 - (Secretariat) Application for consultative status by COSTHA)
English DOC (120Kb) PDF (59Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.12 - (Canada) Emergency Response Guidebook 2004
English DOC (30Kb) PDF (74Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.11 - (ICDM) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/88 and Adds 1, 2, 3
English DOC (36Kb) PDF (74Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.10 - (Secretariat) Security - Limited quantities/radioactive material in excepted packages
English DOC (24Kb) PDF (65Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.9 - (Secretariat) Environmentally hazaradous substances
English DOC (292Kb) PDF (228Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.8 - (Germany) P200, special packing provision "n"
English DOC (28Kb) PDF (79Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.7 - (World Organization for Animal Health) Infectious substances
English DOC (34Kb) PDF (73Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.6 - (Spain) Test series 8, ANEs
English DOC (45Kb) PDF (98Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.5 - (Secretariat) Application for consultative status by the European Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (COLIPA)
English DOC (124Kb) PDF (230Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.4 - (EIGA) Comments on ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2004/83 - Packaging of Pressure Receptacles
English DOC (37Kb) PDF (86Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.3 - (Secretariat) Environmentally hazardous substances
English - - - - - - - PDF (599Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.2 - (Secretariat) List of documents under agenda item
English DOC (102Kb) PDF (20Kb)
UN/SCETDG/26/INF.1 - (Secretariat) List of documents
English DOC (84Kb) PDF (16Kb)