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Outreach Seminar on the Updates of Statistical Manuals (2025 SNA and BPM7), online

06 - 07 March 2024

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Agenda   PDF PDF
Joint Session      
Main Objectives, Priorities, and Procedures for Updating the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual and the System of National Accounts   PDF PDF
Building Blocks: Integrated Framework, Accounting Principles, Economic Territory, Institutional Sectors, and Residence   PDF PDF
Globalization   PDF PDF
Digitalization   PDF PDF
Communicating and Disseminating Economic Statistics   PDF PDF
Selected BPM7 issues      
Main Features and Outline   PDF PDF
Cross-cutting themes   PDF PDF
Current and Capital Accounts   PDF PDF
Integrated International Investment Position: Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment   PDF PDF
Integrated International Investment Position: Financial Derivatives, Other Investment, and Reserve Assets   PDF PDF
BPM7. Draft Annotated Outline (September 2023)   PDF PDF
Selected 2025 SNA issues      
Overview and Main Changes   PDF PDF
Financial Issues   PDF PDF
Wellbeing and Sustainability, Informal Economy   PDF PDF
Thematic and Extended Accounts   PDF PDF