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ACCC/C/2013/98 Lithuania

Case status: Findings adopted on 04.08.2020 – Non-compliance found.
Follow-up: On-going; see Decision VII/8l.
Topics: Protection of environmental defenders; Public participation; Access to justice.
Articles alleged: 6; 7; 9.
Articles considered by the Committee: 3 (8); 6 (1)(a), 6 (2)(9); 9 (4).
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance: 3 (8); 6 (2) (d) (ii), 6 (4), 6 (7), 6 (8), 6 (9).
Summary: On 30 December 2013, Association Rudamina Community submitted a communication to the Compliance Committee alleging non-compliance by Lithuania with articles 6, 7 and 9 of the Convention regarding construction of an overhead power line.

Document Status   Date received or
posted by the secretariat
Preliminary determination on admissibility At CC44  

Communication and letter of representation
Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 4
Annex 5
Annex 6 LIT ENG
Annex 7 LIT ENG
Annex 8
Annex 9

From the communicant 30.12.2013
Letter to the Party concerned From the secretariat 27.06.2014
Letter to the communicant From the secretariat 27.06.2014

Response to the communication
Annex 1: Project concept 30.03.2010 LIT ENG
Annex 2: Minutes of public discussion 18.05.2010 LIT ENG
Annex 3: Minutes of public discussion 19.07.2010 LIT ENG
Annex 4: Final meeting 19.05.2011 LIT ENG
Annex 5: Project information brochure LIT  ENG and ENG (translation provided as comments to original Lithuanian version)
Annex 6: Map of publicity procedure
Annex 7: Legislative amendments due to Committee's findings in ACCC/C/2006/16
Annex 8a: Notice - Alytaus newspaper LIT  ENG
Annex 8b: Notice - Lazdiju newspaper LIT  ENG
Annex 8c: Notice - Lietuvos zinios newspaper LIT  ENG
Annex 8d: Notice - Saugok seima newspaper LIT ENG

From the Party concerned 26.11.2014
Comments from the communicant From the communicant 15.12.2014 (dated 12.12.2014)
Letters inviting the Party concerned and the communicant to a hearing at the Committee's 48th meeting From the secretariat 12.02.2015

Additional remarks of the communicant regarding explanations of the Republic of Lithuania
Annex 10 Location OHL alternatives
Annex 11: Letter LitPolLink to Parliament  LIT ENG
Annex 12 Alytus Masterplan amended
Annex 13 Lazdijai Masterplan
Annex 14: Decision Lazdijai Council 20110301 LIT ENG
Annex 15: Excavation gravel

From the communicant 25.02.2015
Comments on communicant's comments of 15.12.2014 From the Party concerned 13.03.2015
Additional information From the communicant 20.03.2015
Letter to parties enclosing the Committee's questions following the discussion at the 48th meeting From the secretariat 18.05.2015
Reply to Committee's questions and comments on the national legislation following discussion at the 48th meeting From the communicant 05.06.2015
Reply to Committee's questions following discussion at the 48th meeting
Attachment 1: Decision of Kaunas District Court 05.07.2012
Attachment 2: Decision of Supreme Administrative Court 29.05.2013
Attachment 3: Statement of defence to Kaunas District Court
Attachment 4: Statement of defence to Supreme Administrative Court
From the Party concerned 08.06.2015
Comments on communicant's additional remarks of 25.02.2015 From the Party concerned 09.06.2015
Attachment 1: Comments by Party concerned regarding comments submitted by communicant during public participation procedure
Attachment 2: Comments by Party concerned on communicant's comments regarding national legislation
From the Party concerned 25.06.2015
Update on project construction From the communicant 25.06.2015
Brief comments on Party concerned's comments of 25.06.2015 From the communicant 26.06.2015
Update enclosing statement for Bern Convention mediation From the communicant 11.11.2015
Letter to the Party concerned enclosing questions from the Committee From the secretariat 11.05.2016
Reply to Committee's questions From the Party concerned 25.05.2016
Comments on Party concerned's reply to the Committee's questions From the communicant 30.05.2016
Questions from the Committee to the Party concerned From the secretariat 15.08.2017
Request for an extension to reply to the questions From the Party concerned 28.08.2017
Reply of the Chair of the Committee to the request for an extension From the secretariat 29.08.2017
Reply to questions from the Committee From the Party concerned 31.08.2017

Comments on Party concerned's reply to Committee's questions

Annex 1: Example of newspaper notice LIT

Annex 2: Minutes of meeting on 30 March 2010 LIT

Annex 3: Court decision rejecting communicant's application to be released from costs, 8 December 2014 LIT LIT marked

From the communicant 07.09.2017
Reply to the remaining questions from the Committee From the Party concerned 02.10.2017

Comments on Party concerned's reply to the remaining questions from the Committee

Annex 1: European Commission reply to access to information request GestDem 2015/829, 30.03.2015

Annex 2: 2009 European Commission Decision granting financial aid for an action concerning "Feasibility studies of the LitPol Link Project"

From the communicant 09.10.2017
Request to Party concerned for relevant legislation From the secretariat 27.09.2018
EIA Procedure Description LIT ENG From the Party concerned 28.09.2018
Draft findings and letters to the Party concerned and the communicant inviting their comments From the secretariat 01.09.2020
Request for extension of commenting deadline From the Party concerned 12.10.2020
Chair’s decision to grant extension of deadline for comments From the secretariat 12.10.2020
Letter enclosing:
Annex 1: Comments on the Committee’s draft findings ENG
Annex 2: Conclusion of SSD’s investigation  LIT
Annex 3: Conclusion of SSD’s investigation  ENG
Annex 4: Minutes of meeting on 17 December 2010  LIT
Annex 5: Minutes of meeting on 17 December 2010  ENG
From the Party concerned 20.10.2020
Comments on the Committee’s draft findings From the communicant 20.10.2020
Comments on the Party concerned's comments on the draft findings From the communicant 22.10.2020
Confirmation of the communicant’s factual correction From the Party concerned 22.10.2020
Findings ENG FRE RUS   07.06.2021
Update From the Party concerned 06.10.2021