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Call to Action on Improved Digitalization Through the Use of UN/CEFACT Standards

Call to Action on Improved Digitalization

Digitalization has the potential to improve processes, reduce the need for rekeying of data, save time and reduce human contact. Digitalization can be optimized through the use of internationally recognized standards; if electronic messages are harmonized to international best practices, they are easier to exchange with other partners using the same or similar standards. The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) is uniquely positioned to develop and maintain such internationally recognized standards as participation in UN/CEFACT is open and free of charge to both the public and private sectors. The Member States of the United Nations have the final word on the deliverables, and the deliverables are available for use on the UN/CEFACT website and can be used free of charge.

This Call to Action is the culmination of over fifty years of development work, both within UN/CEFACT and by its predecessors, and concerns all UN/CEFACT deliverables. This includes standardized business processes; standardized semantics through the Core Component Library (UN/CCL) and Reference Data Models; standardized syntax through the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) schema and the United Nations rules for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT); standardized code lists; and standardized guidance in its recommendations and White Papers.

For more information, please consult the foundational document, available in English, in French or in Russian.

Submissions can be sent using the appropriate templates in English, in French or in Russian.

Please send submissions to: [email protected]

These submissions do not engage the United Nations or UN/CEFACT in any way and they do not constitute an endorsement of any kind. Submissions are presented as is, in the language they were provided and were only checked for grammar and spelling.