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UN/LOCODE Child Code Repository

Facilities which deliver services in a location identified with a UN/LOCODE can be identified by a UN/LOCODE child code, which are either built as an addition of characters or an autonomous code.

The 2020 revision of Recommendation 16 advises that UN/LOCODE identifies an administrative or economic area relevant to international trade and transport, as defined by the competent national authority in each country. However, some use cases may require further precision. A child code identifies a facility which delivers services in a location listed in the UN/LOCODE database.

Organizations who wish to contribute their code list example can submit their use case using the official template to [email protected]. These examples must have a clear link to UN/LOCODE.

These use cases do not engage the United Nations or UN/CEFACT in any way and they do not constitute an endorsement of any kind. Submissions are presented as is and were only checked for grammar and spelling.

Child Code Name Request Form (Approved) Use Case Year of Submission
BIC Container Facility Code   Container facilities 2020
IMO Port Facility Number IMO Port Facility Number Port facilities 2020
SMDG Master Terminals List SMDG Master Terminals List Ocean terminals 2020
UPU International Mail Processing Centre Code UPU International Mail Processing Centre Code  International Mail Processing Centre 2023