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Single Window Repository

Countries wishing to implement Single Windows as described in the UNECE Recommendation and Guidelines on Establishing a Single Window often face challenges which have been faced by other countries. UN/CEFACT has developed a template of questions in order to gather country experiences in this area, outlining the challenges and best practices they have experienced. It is hoped that this repository can help potential implementors to find solutions in their roll out of Single Window.

This repository was started in 2007 and contained over twenty use cases. These experiences prior to 2015 can be accessed on this page.

Countries who wish to contribute their Single Window implementation experience can submit their use cases using the official template to [email protected].

Please note that there is a separate repository for Single Submission Portals  as described in UNECE Recommendation 37.

These use cases do not engage the United Nations or UN/CEFACT in any way and they do not constitute an endorsement of any kind. Submissions are presented as is and were only checked for grammar and spelling.

Country Submission year
Armenia 2019
Canada 2019
Congo - Republic, Brazzaville  EN  FR 2019
Finland 2019
Italy 2019
Kenya 2019
Turkey 2019