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2022 - UN/CEFACT - Media Clippings

The regulatory framework for sharing maritime data

Opinion: Business Prosperity Perspective/Promotion of Sustainable Tourism Certification 
13/12/2022     Original Language: Mandarin  

DeFi Needs Cutting Edge Technologies For A Safe And Secure Investment Experience

The trends of the future of fashion in 2023
30/11/2022    Original Language: Italian

Monitor for Circular Fashion: the circularity of fashion verified on eight pilot projects
29/11/2022    Original Language: Italian

TradeWaltz succeeds in demonstrating trade connection between five countries and data linkage in Thailand
22/11/2022    Original Language: Japanese

UN/CEFACT develops a new international standard to improve tracking of goods across complex supply chain

Standard for e-invoices: How ZUGFeRD simplifies electronic accounting
02/11/2022     Original Language: German

India plans to use blockchain to track cotton from farms to consumers
02/11/2022     Original Language: Russian

Opinion: Why does COP27 matter to South Africa? And what does it mean for fashion?

China: Business School Participates in the Innovation Milestone of the United Nations ESG Conference
Original Language: Chinese    Approx. 28 Articles

Uzbekistan is worth 3 billion dollars finished textile products managed to export
12/10/2022    Original Language: Uzbek

Panama implements the electronic phytosanitary certification process, what is it and what is the mechanism for?
11/10/2022   Original Language: Spanish

Haelixa Makes Egyptian Cotton Product Traceable

Uzbekistan: Tashkent Textile Summit
23/09/2022     Original Language: Russian

Mulberry CEO Thierry Andretta: The Time Has Come For Transformation

La filière cuir face à la difficile équation de la transition durable

The impact of the circular economy on global trade and supply chains
13.09.2022  Original language: Chinese

UN advanced solutions for the clothing and footwear industry in Tajikistan
07.09.2022      Original language: Russian

EMSA: Results of interoperability project in the European Maritime Single Window

Digitising trade whilst standards are agreed

Thailand’s national digital trade platform to launch next month

TrusTrace joins Forces with Fashion Revolution and Fashion for Good

The TradeLens platform aims to make a difference
09.08.2022    Original Language: Norwegian 

Tashkent Declaration - a path to deepening regional cooperation
01.08.2022    Original language: Russian

A seminar on the rules of international trade was held at the Competence Center for Trade Facilitation at the KEU
28.07.2022     Original language: Russian 

Bioplastics -Green-hydrogen – RPET

From sustainability to circularity, what's the difference?

Shipping. The electronic bills of lading for bulk shipping are ready, and you…?
16.07.2022     Original language: Italian

La facture électronique va révolutionner le poste clients!

Why The Circular Economy Is The Perfect Fit For The Fashion Industry

E-invoicing in the Benelux countries
28.06.2022     Original language: Dutch

Pakistan single window: A digital revolution

FIATA: what the Future International Trade Alliance means for freight forwarders

Italian agency supports leather industry in Egypt with 3 million euros

Accelerating sustainable transformation in the fashion industry

Can Blockchain Help Fix Broken Supply Chains in 2022?

A blockchain and stability map will be introduced in the textile industry of Uzbekistan
03.06.2022    Original language: Russian

Businesses must tackle climate change and support responsible consumption
24.05.2022    Original language: Arabic

Legislative proposal by July on digital product passports
25.05.2022   Original language: Arabic

African Cotton Union calls for support from manufacturers and producers to deploy blockchain technology
25.05.2022    Original language: Arabic   Approx. 10 Articles.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and UNIDO organize a regional conference in Egypt
24.05.2022   Original language: Arabic    Approx. 5 Articles.

The Ministry of Economy assessed the readiness of Kyrgyzstan for cross-border paperless trade
20.05.2022     Original language: Russian

Single window for ship data exchange to become mandatory under FAL treaty amendments

UNECE and UNCTAD join forces in enhancing private sector’s role in advancing trade facilitation

Circular Economy and Sustainable Fashion: The New Direction of the Textile Sector in Latin America?

Cotton project in Chile-Peru: Challenges of the cotton-textile chain in our region 
26.04.2022     Original Language: Spanish 

Opinion: Navigating the Complex World of EU E-Invoicing

Kyrgyz Republic champions trade facilitation education in Central Asia with UNECE support

FIATA Multimodal Bill of Lading is available as open-source
13.04.2022   Original Language: Czech 

Freedom from the Cotton Boycott: New Challenges and Opportunities for the Uzbek Textile Industry
25.03.2022     Original language: Russian

Peruvian cotton: meet a textile jewel recognized in the world for its finesse
25.03.2022   Original language: Spanish

UNECE provides number of solutions to improve Uzbek garment industry

Digital transformation with paper in the cabin

Kyrgyzstan: The mayor of the capital met with the Deputy Executive Secretary of the UNECE 

Africa: UNECE advocates blockchain for sustainable apparel

Latest digital air cargo innovation will accelerate global recovery

Leather can become fertilizer for organic farming and other industry eco-initiatives

Stronger efforts needed to facilitate trade for SMSE enterprises 

EDI system - electronic document management. Description, instructions and reviews   
27.01.2022    Original language:  Russian 

Sri Lanka: National Single Window: Paving the way for paperless trade

Blockchain may yet prove its worth in the circular economy

Traceability can indicate where there is a need for environmental regularization
11.01.2022    Original language: Portuguese 

Sri Lanka: National single window: Paving way for paperless trade
07.01.2022   by Kavishka Indraratna, research analyst at the Advocata Institute