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2018-UN/CEFACT-Media Clippings

Former Slovenian State Secretary Tadej Slapnik is the new director of Tolar HashNET
04/09/2018     Original Language: Croatian
Angola: Entrepreneurs in training on trade facilitation
28/08/2018    Original Language: Portuguese
Malaysia’s Ministerial and C-Levels to Decide on Blockchain
Italy: Blockchain and digital transformation focus on standards and governance
07/08/2018     Original language: Italian
Call for tanners to participate in UN survey
Blockchain Threatens to Eradicate Trade Intermediaries
Economists call for enhanced utilization of fisheries within sustainable development programs
17/07/2018   Original Language: Arabic
HLPF Side Event Explores the Role of Blockchain Technology in Advancing SDGs
Thailand: How to change the business of Small and medium-sized enterprises in the digital age
12/07/2018    CIO World & Business   Original language: Thai
China: International standardization conference in Hangzhou
12/07/2018      Original language: Chinese
Italy: Traceability and sustainability in textiles: UN officials visiting Prato
09/07/2018     Original language: Italian
Korea: AmorePacific already has a touch screen vending machine for 6 shops
06/07/2018      Original language: Korean
UN Trade Body Examines Blockchain's Potential in Supply Chains
13/06/2018    Approx. 7
Facilitation Committee (FAL) standardises data for effective electronic business
IMO focusing on better facilitating electronic business, single window system in maritime transport & improved port efficiency
Opinion: Blockchain ‘ignorance’ endangers Malaysia
China`s inspection group visits Geneva, Switzerland to participate in the roundtable on "Facilitating E-Commerce Trade Facilitation"
10/05/2018    Original language: Chinese
Un nouveau standard e-CMR pour permettre l’interopérabilité
The 2018 China-Britain Standardization Cooperation Committee Meeting will be held on April 10 in Hangzhou
09/04/2018    Original language: Chinese
China: Participation in "single window" shows remarkable results
29/03/2018    China Sankei Information Database   Original language: Chinese
Germany: Laggard - The electronic bill soon obligatory
04/04/2018    Original language: German
Progress on E-CMR
Spain: Valenciaport will be connected to the future international network of information and goods tracking
09/03/2018    Original language: Spanish    Approx. 5 article
Germany: mastering implementation of electronic billing
05/03/2018    Original language: German
UN information exchange tool supports fisheries sustainability
Who's making trade easier and who's not?
China: Five Years' Review of Supervision and Inspection in China
04/01/2018     Original language: Chinese