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Russia: Three myths about single window
20/12/2017    Original language: Russian
China: Jilin Province Developed Single Window to Facilitate Cross Border Trades
20/12/2017   Original language: Chinese
e-CMR standardised for compatibility between all future digital solutions
UN/CEFACT - Opinion: Scenario for post-Brexit UK
Jamaica: Implementing A Single Window For Trade
Thailand: The Role of Government in Promoting Industry 4.0
22/11/2017    Original language: Thai
The fundamentals of the digital economy
20/11/2017     Original language: Russian
Netherlands: Soon there will be an obligation to receive and process electronic invoices
UN/CEFACT - Blockchain Interoperability
18/11/2017    Original language: Thai
Russia: The fundamentals of the digital economy
13/11/2017   Original language: Russian
Accelerate paperless trade measures as development engine: UN report
04/11/2017    Approx: 5 articles
China: Chongqing "single window" today on-line operation of international trade
01/11/2017  Original language: Chinese    Approx: 18 articles
China: Chongqing "single window" trade facilitation system to be operational
27/10/2017    Original language: Chinese     Approx: 6 articles
UN/CEFACT - Meeting of the ITU Standardization Sector Distributed Accounts Focus Group was held
24/10/2017    Original language: Chinese
MSC receives UN award for electronic data exchange
12/10/2017  Original language: Spanish
Exploring the transformative potential of blockchain for sustainable development at the 30th UN/CEFACT Forum
Belarus: Countries of the Eurasian Economic Commission will join eCMR
27/09/2017   Original language: Russian
E-invoicing: the state of affairs
18/09/2017   Original language: Dutch
United Nations 'eAsia Awards'
18/09/2017    Original language: Korean    Approx: 15 articles
The expanded Panama Canal is driving change in Central America
Ghana: West Blue Brings Help Desk Closer to Ghana Union of Traders’ Association Members
UN Regional Commissions highlight progress in cutting red tape for sustainable global trade
Published: 14 July 2017
Airfreight Industry, Quo Vadis?
OSCE assessment explores how to support Kazakhstan in facilitating regional trade
15/07/2017    Arab news
Feedback sought to create common language for digital logistics
Trade facilitation key to addressing needs of developing countries
World Shipping Council releases Containers Lost At Sea update for 2017
How IBM Will Use Blockchain To Help Businesses Find Financing
How Odessa became the centre of international trade and transport
14/06/2017    Source:   Original language: Russian
Africa: Report on maritime trade facilitation and economic development
26/05/2017   Source:
Spain: Safety at the heart of International Cargo Handling Coordination Association’s annual conference
24/05/2017    Source: Canadian Shipper
The European electronic invoice will become a reality in 2018
23/05/2017   Source:   Original language: Spanish
India: Airlines must file outbound passenger data in single format
11/05/2017    Source: Financial Express
The EAEU – Singapore Win-Win Cooperation
A UN Agency is Exploring Blockchain's Impact on Trade
UN/CEFACT Investments in North African ports are delivering on numerous fronts
E-Invoice in Europe: the situation of countries and semantic model
04/04/2017    Source: Agenda Digitale    Original language: Italian
UN/CEFACT UNECE is exploring block chain’s impact on trade
The seventh Ghana Entrepreneur & Corporate Executive Awards 2017 held in Accra
Germany: Risky business in governance
UN/CEFACT: The impact of the new European core invoice
28/04/2017    Source: Platformlfa   Original language: Dutch
Transport: Future transport
Transport: Logistics company calls for creating multimodal digital cargo communities in a conference at the United Nations
UN/CEFACT: Electric business cross-border standardization to take a new step in UN/CEFACT
26/04/2017    Source:     Original language: Chinese, Mandarin
UN/CEFACT Consulting partner of the Ghana National Single Window to Deploy Cargo XML for Airlines
21/04/2017  Source: Modern Ghana
Norway: 30 years of digitization
03/04/2017    Source:    Original language: Norwegian
Un éditeur français de logiciels partie prenante du projet européen WP10 Data Pipeline
03/04/2017      Source: Supply Chain Magazine
UN/CEFACT Insurance and risk management provider fights preventable cargo dangers
21/03/2017      Source: Port Technology
Agricultural company focuses on grain traceability for Food Safety Modernization Act standards
02/03/2017    Source:
Transport UN resolution highlights the importance of e-CMR
27/02/2017    Source: Logistica     Original language: Spanish
Port Community System: a change in management
23/02/2017     Original language: Spanish     Source: La Nacion
Already today exchanged some information in the CMR waybill via mobile such as PDA scanners
23/02/2017    Original language: Norwegian   Source: NLF
TRADE - The digital handover
Nigeria to ease export trade procedures