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2021 - UN/CEFACT - Media Clippings

Egypt launches new trade technology to create “Region’s most advanced global logistics hub

Shaping Shipping

Discussion on scenario application and legal issues of blockchain in international trade  
01.09.2021    Original language: Chinese 

The second international conference "A new paradigm of digitalization of the transport industry in the context of COVID-19"
01.09.2021    Original language: Russian 

The EEC discussed the possibilities of developing electronic document management at sea checkpoints
30.07.2021   Original language: Russian 

100% visibility in transport – is it even possible? What would it change if we were to achieve it?

Management of European invoices: the technical rules
11.06.2021   Original language: Italian 

Professional Development Programmes Institute of Admiral Makarov University participates in the work of IMO’s Facilitation Committee

Generix Group, 1er opérateur e-Invoicing certifié : e-Invoicing Conformant Solution 

How to promote digitization in multimodal transport?
07.05.2021     Original language: Spanish 

China: What "infrastructure" projects are profoundly changing Quanzhou?
08.05.2021    Original language: Chinese 

TradeTrust: Accelerating the digitization of international trade
23.04.2021   Original language: Vietnamese

UN/CEFACT digital standards in air cargo transport for the efficiency and resilience of multimodal transport
26.04.2021    Original language: Italian 

TradeTrust: Accelerating the digitization of international trade
23.04.2021     Original language: Vietnamese 

Top carriers adopting DCSA track and trace standards
08.04.2021    Approx. 10 searches 

Makers & Movers: Global Access and Distribution COVID-19 Vaccine

UN/CEFACT issues guidelines to prevent trade interruptions in preparation for a future pandemic
07.02.2021    Original language: Japanese 

Makers and Movers- Cold Chain 2021: Global Access and Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine: Conference

Last update date: September 16, 2021