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RSPR Policy dialogue and How to move forward road safety system

RSPR Policy dialogue and How to move forward road safety system

13 - 14 December 2023
Chisinau Republic of Moldova

The Road Safety Performance Review (RSPR) was designed to help the beneficiary country to strengthen the road safety system and effectively address and improve national road safety records. The most critical road safety aspects and priority needs in the beneficiary country will be identified by preparing the RSPR. The RSPR will identify gaps in technical, financial and statistical capacities and any other economic or social problems preventing country from establishing or upgrading road safety management system. The RSPR will map gaps in national institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks - all in line with the ITC Recommendations on Enhancement of National Road Safety System. Based on the RSPR findings, a national capacity-building workshop/s will take place to provide further training on the priority areas identified through the RSPR. In addition, RSPR could be used as a background for preparation of National Road Safety Strategy. Once agreed, the RSPR will be translated into the national language and published for better dissemination of the Project results.
How to improve national road safety system workshop will be initiated by policy dialogue with national road safety stakeholders on the main Moldova RSPR findings and recommendations. Back-to-back with the policy dialogue, capacity-building workshop on how to prepare road safety strategy will be held. The objective is to provide information, best practice and training in identified priority areas for national road safety stakeholders.
The workshop will cover following topics:
• Findings and recommendations of the draft of Moldova RSPR
• UN and EU strategic framework for road safety
• National examples of road safety strategies
• IFIs role in financing road safety
The objective is to strengthen capacities of national road safety stakeholders on how to upgrade National Road Safety System based on the RSPR findings, to share best practices on how to prepare road safety strategy, UN and EU strategic documents on road safety, IFIs role in financing road safety. Based on discussion during the policy dialogue, Moldova RSPR will be updated. Following the policy dialogue, in collaboration with the national focal point, RSPR will be finalized.


56637 _ Agenda _ 387609 _ English _ 773 _ 404081 _ pdf

National stakeholders road safety policy dialogue

56645 _ Mr. Dejan Jovanov, RSPR Team – RSPR MD road safety management _ 387610 _ English _ 773 _ 404083 _ pdf
56645 _ Mr. Marius Damachi, RSPR Team – RSPR MD safe vehicles _ 387611 _ English _ 773 _ 404084 _ pdf

Financing of road safety - IFIs support

56667 _ Mr. Derran Williams, EBRD _ 387628 _ English _ 773 _ 404108 _ pdf
56667 _ Mr. Brendan Halleman, EIB _ 387629 _ English _ 773 _ 404110 _ pdf