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Transport Data Commons

The Transport Data Commons Initiative is a coalition of currently more than 30 leading organisations in transport working together to create a shared, public, accessible, and frequently updated database for the transportation sector.


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The Transport Data Commons aims to provide accessible, meaningful data that is readily used by stakeholders worldwide working on sustainable, low-carbon development of transport and mobility—especially those in, and supporting, developing countries.

Through creating a Transport Data Commons (TDC), we envision that:

  • Existing data can be easily accessed and used for assessment, modelling, and cross-checking. Time-consuming, often duplicated work—to collate, collect, extract, and transform data from highly fragmented sources—will be greatly reduced.
  •  Data that is newly created (e.g. collected as part of development projects; or projected from scientific models) can be made broadly available and reach many users; not buried in appendices to project reports.
  •  Peers can directly discuss with one another to identify issues of data quality and propose solutions for constructing improved data; these improved data can be quickly generated and shared.