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Download Documents for RSPR Policy dialogue and How to move forward road safety system

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RSPR_Policy dialogue_KIV_Final.pdf RSPR_Policy dialogue_KIV_Final.pdf (application/pdf, 208.94 KB) English Agenda
SI_RSPR Team_DJ.pdf SI_RSPR Team_DJ.pdf (application/pdf, 298.32 KB) English Mr. Dejan Jovanov, RSPR Team – RSPR MD road safety management
SI_RSPR Team_MD.pdf SI_RSPR Team_MD.pdf (application/pdf, 1022.71 KB) English Mr. Marius Damachi, RSPR Team – RSPR MD safe vehicles
SI_RSPR Team_OM.pdf SI_RSPR Team_OM.pdf (application/pdf, 804.54 KB) English Mr. Oleg Malashevsky, post-crash care expert – RSPR MD post-crash care
SI_RSPR Team_TM.pdf SI_RSPR Team_TM.pdf (application/pdf, 683 KB) English Ms. Tatiana Mihailova, RSPR Team Leader – RSPR MD safe road users
SI_RSPR Team_VC.pdf SI_RSPR Team_VC.pdf (application/pdf, 1.33 MB) English Mr. Victor Chironda, RSPR Team – RSPR MD safer roads and network. Safe urban mobility.
SII_EU RS ActionPlan_KF.pdf SII_EU RS ActionPlan_KF.pdf (application/pdf, 1.02 MB) English Ms. Katerina Folla, NTUA, European Union Action Plan on Road Safety
SII_FRSS BiH_DK.pdf SII_FRSS BiH_DK.pdf (application/pdf, 1.76 MB) English Mr. Dragoslav Kukic, Team Leader, Framework Road Safety Strategy Bosnia and Herzegovina
SII_Moldova RS_PA.pdf SII_Moldova RS_PA.pdf (application/pdf, 1.59 MB) English Mr. Pavel Apostol, Ministry of Internal Affairs Moldova, Road safety situation in Moldova
SII_SEETO Monitoring_DJ.pdf SII_SEETO Monitoring_DJ.pdf (application/pdf, 398.42 KB) English Mr. Dejan Jovanov, RSPR Team – Monitoring of implementation of road safety strategies and action plans in Western Balkan in accordance with seven Strategic Objectives of EU Policy (EX SEETO project)
SII_UNECE_NN.pdf SII_UNECE_NN.pdf (application/pdf, 1.47 MB) English Mr. Nenad Nikolic, Regional Advisor, UNECE, Global Plan for Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030
SIII_Georgia RSS_AS.pdf SIII_Georgia RSS_AS.pdf (application/pdf, 1.52 MB) English Ms. Alexandra Suladze, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgia
SIII_Greek RSS_KF.pdf SIII_Greek RSS_KF.pdf (application/pdf, 1.4 MB) English Ms Katerina Folla, NTUA, Greece
SIII_NMKD RSMCR_DJ.pdf SIII_NMKD RSMCR_DJ.pdf (application/pdf, 869.21 KB) English Mr. Dejan Jovanov, RSPR Team – Road Safety Management Capacity Review in the North Macedonia as a support tool to the third generation of Road Safety Strategy
SIII_Serbia RSS_MT.pdf SIII_Serbia RSS_MT.pdf (application/pdf, 2.97 MB) English Mr. Milan Tesic, Road Traffic Safety Agency, Serbia
SIV_EBRD_DW.pdf SIV_EBRD_DW.pdf (application/pdf, 2.58 MB) English Mr. Derran Williams, EBRD
SIV_EIB_BH.pdf SIV_EIB_BH.pdf (application/pdf, 1.24 MB) English Mr. Brendan Halleman, EIB
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