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ACCC/C/2015/132 Ireland

Case status: Pending.
Topics: Access to environmental information; Public participation; Access to justice.
Articles alleged: 5; 6; 9.
Articles considered by the Committee:
Articles, if any, found in non-compliance:
Summary: The communication was submitted to the Compliance Committee on 10 November 2015 by Ms. Cooney, a member of the public, both in personal capacity and on behalf of the Ratheniska Substation Action Group (RTS Action Group, or communicant) alleging non-compliance with articles 5, 6, and 9 of the Convention in connection with the Laois-Kilkenny Reinforcement (electrical substation) Project. 

Documents Status Date received or
posted by the secretariat
Annex 1: Project summary from a community perspective
Annex 2: Windskillnet Legal judicial review
Annex 3: EirGrid Re 50 B Costs 03.10.2014
Annex 4: ABP PCO threat 03.11.2014
Annex 5: DSheehan re costs 29.01.2015
From the communicant 10.11.2015
Comments on preliminary admissibility From the Party concerned 14.12.2015
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat 11.03.2016
Response by Party concerned
Appendix 1: Judgement of the High Court of Ireland of 14 January 2015
Appendix 2: Further information on own Costs in Legal proceedings in Ireland
Appendix 3: Section 182 A to 182 E of the Planning and Development Act 2000
From the Party concerned 11.08.2016
Letter to parties seeking their views on whether a hearing is needed From the secretariat 06.10.2020
Reply as to need for a hearing From the Party concerned 20.10.2020
Reply as to need for a hearing From the communicant 20.10.2020
Final submission
Annex 1: Extracts from documents
Annex 2: Loughteeog Project Route Selection Map
Annex 3: 2013 EIA Guidelines for Planning Authorities
Annex 4: An Bord Pleanala Planning Inspector's Report, 31.01.2014
Annex 5: Slides EirGrid Oral Hearing 04.11.2013
Annex 6: An Bord Pleanala minutes of meeting of 05.08.2009
Annex 7: Irish Wind Generation Development – Joint Study, 2013
Annex 8: AIE from Department of Arts heritage and Gaeltacht for GRID25 and Gate3 
Annex 9: No. 419/201246 - European Union (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Planning and Development Act, 2000) Regulations 2012
Annex 10: An Bord Pleanala Direction – grant of planning permission 23.04.2014
Annex 11: Extract from ABP Greenwire pre-consultation file – meeting 07.03.2013
Annex 12: EirGrid- MNorton final statement oral hearing
Annex 13: Planning and Development Act – Section 50B
Annex 14: Grace and B. threat of legal costs, 08.01.2021
Annex 15: People Over Wind threat of legal costs, 08.01.2021
From the communicant 11.01.2021
Letter enclosing questions from the Committee to the Party concerned and the communicant From the secretariat 19.03.2021
Cover letter enclosing reply to Committee’s questions
Annex 1: Section 33 of Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2010
Annex 2: Section 29 of Planning and Development (Amendment) Act (2018)
Annex 3: North East Pylon Pressure Campaign Ltd. v An Bord Pleanála (No. 5) [2018] IEHC 622 (Humphreys J) 
Annex 4: Heather Hill Management Company CLG v An Bord Pleanála [2019] IEHC 186 (Simons J) 
Annex 5: Extract - Part 18 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001
Annex 6: Grid Implementation Programme 2011 – 2016 
Annex 7: Environmental Report for the Grid Implementation Programme 2011 - 2016 
Annex 8: Laois-Kilkenny Reinforcement Project – Phase 1 – Lead Consultant’s Report, May 2011 
Annex 9: Laois-Kilkenny Reinforcement Project – Phase 2 – Lead Consultant’s Report Planning Report, February 2012 
Annex 10: Laois-Kilkenny Reinforcement Project - Application for Planning Approval - Planning Report, January 2013 
Annex 11: Laois-Kilkenny Reinforcement Project Technical Comparison of AIS v GIS Substation Options, January 2011 
Annex 12: Drawing of the final substation sizing 
Annex 13: Assessment of Alternative 400/110kV Substation Study Areas, May 2011 
Annex 14: 2004 An Bord Pleanála Costs Policy (CPO) 
Annex 15: 2016 An Bord Pleanála Costs Policy (37H, 182B and 182D PDA) 
Annex 16: Harrington v. Bord Pleanala, (O’Neill J, 2013 No. 276 JR) [2014] IEHC 232 
Annex 17: High Court Final Order, 4 June 2014, Harrington v. ABP 
Annex 18: Supreme Court Order, 21 June 2019, Harrington v. ABP 
Annex 19: McCallig v. Bord Pleanala, (Herbert J, 2011 No. 291 JR) [2014] IEHC 353 
From the Party concerned 16.04.2021
Reply to Committee’s questions
Annex A: McCallig vs ABP, 05.06.2014
Annex B: McCallig vs ABP, 09.04.2014
Annex C: Superior Courts Rules, Order 99 
Annex D: McCoy and anor vs Shillelagh Quarries, 16.07.2014
Annex E: Email EirGrid Ltr to Phelim ONeill on costs of proceedings 21.01.2015
Annex F: ENTSO-E Map Pan-European Projects MT (2010-2014)
Annex G: ENTSO-E Table of projects for publication
Annex H: ENTSO-E Map Pan European Projects LT (2015-2020) 
Annex I: Citizens information on judicial review in planning and environmental matters  
Annex J: Superior Courts Rules, Order 63A  
Annex K: Proposed Directions (v2)
Annex L: T. Smyth statement on costs, 29.01.2015
Annex M: FC Eirgrid Oral Hearing - Closing notes, 15.11.2013
Annex N: VA0015 - 11A John Whelan, 20.03.2013
Annex O: VA0015 - 10 Sean Fleming, 20.03.2013
Annex P: VA0015 - 13 Laois Councillors, Objections to proposed Super-substation in Laois, 07.03.2013
Annex Q: VA0015 - RTS Substation Action Group, Objection to Proposed Super Substation, 19.03.2013
Annex R: VA0015 - 19 Seamus and Stephanie Fingleton, 19.03.2013
Annex S: EirGrid Planning Application Cover Letter, 25.01.2013
Annex T: Letter to EirGrid, 19.06.2013
Annex U: EirGrid submission of EIS as further information, 15.08.2013
Annex V1: Leinster Express, 23.06.2010
Annex V2: Leinster Express, 05.03.2013
Annex W: Agenda for Oral Hearing November 2013
Annex X: L-KK Project ABP SID decision (no EIS), VC0035, 21.11.2012
From the communicant 17.04.2021