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Recommendations on Harmonized Europe-wide Technical Requirements for Inland Navigation Vessels


The pan-European recommendations for inland navigation vessels aim to establish a harmonized regime of technical requirements for vessels that transport goods and passengers internationally. The recommendations are the result of Government efforts to unify divergent regulations in force in different intergovernmental organizations and ECE member countries.
The recommendations were first adopted by the Working Party on Inland Water Transport (SC.3) in 1975 by resolution No. 17 and, since that time, they have been continuously revised and updated, followed by the adoption of resolution No. 61 in 2006 and its first revision in 2010.
The present second revision of the annex to resolution No. 61, adopted by SC.3 on 5 October 2018 at its sixty-second session as resolution No. 91, includes the amendments introduced by resolutions Nos. 72,  76 and 86 as well as other amendments adopted by SC.3 in 2013-2018.