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Capacity building: Forest Sector Outlook Modelling and its Practical Use

Capacity building: Forest Sector Outlook Modelling and its Practical Use

17 - 18 November 2020

I. Background and objectives

Forest Sector Outlook Studies are one of the key working areas of the UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section. Please find further information on this work here

The Federal Forest Agency of the Russian Federation had asked the Section to organize a capacity building workshop to give Russian participants an overview of different forest sector modelling experiences and the use of the results in the respective countries with a focus on climate change. 

II. Agenda

Please find the workshop agenda here.

III. Meeting venue

The workshop was a virtual meeting on the platform voiceboxer.

IV. Background information

The speakers provided background material for the participants which was translated to Russian. Please contact the Secretary of the ToS if you are interested in this material. (Please see contact information below)

V. Workshop documents

Topic Speaker ENG RUS

Agenda PDF  PDF

Slot 1: General introduction of Forest Sector Outlook Studies and workshop overview
Ms. Lia Fain

Slot 2: Joint Research Centre on the Carbon Budget Model (CBM), the Global Forest Trade Model (GFTM) and their potential for individual countries
Dr. Ragnar Jonsson PDF  PDF

Slot 3: IIASA: G4M and GLOBIOM Modelling experience in different countries
Dr. Nicklas Forsell  PDF  PDF

Slot 4: The FOrest Resource Outlook Model (FOROM) and its use in the US
Dr. Craig Johnston  PDF  PDF

Slot 5: GFPM in the FSOS and what results can be extracted
Mr. Kit Prins  PDF  PDF

Slot 6: Carbon Budget Model (CBM-CFS3) applications in Canada and Russia
Dr. Werner Kurz   PDF PDF

Slot 7: Forest Resource Modelling in Finland
Dr. Minna Räty and Mr. Hannu Hirvelä  PDF PDF

Slot 8: Forest Resource Modelling in Switzerland
Dr. Esther Thuerig   PDF  PDF

Slot 9: Forest Sector Modelling for Austria – Forest Adaption Scenarios for Evaluating Pathways supporting the Paris Agreement
Dr. Klemens Schadauer  PDF  PDF

Slot 10: Forest Resource Modelling in the Netherlands and Europe
Dr. Mart-Jan Schelhaas  PDF  PDF

Slot 11: Forest Resource Modelling in the US 

Dr. John Coulston



Slot 12: Linking of GFPM with national modelling in Germany
Dr. Holger Weimar  PDF     PDF

Slot 13: Sweden: Downscaling of Long-Term Global Scenarios to Regions with a Forest Sector Model
Prof. Ljusk Ola Eriksson   PDF  PDF

Slot 14: The French Forest Sector Model – combining an area allocation module, with a forest dynamics module and a markets module
Dr. Antonello Lobianco  PDF  PDF

VI. Contact

Should you have any question, please contact the Secretary of the ToS on Forest Sector Outlook Lia Fain (