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Communicating effectively within and outside the forest sector is essential to promote sustainable forest management. The Section produces press and news releases, hosts the Forest Information Billboard, shares presentations and reports and is present in forest-related events. Follow us on flickr, facebook, twitter and youtube.
The UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Communication - the Forest Communicators' Network - is the major platform for forest communication experts to exchange and find common strategies. Its sub-group on Forest Pedagogics is an European-wide forum.
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In focus


Forests in a nutshell: discover the lesser-known story behind some of your favourite dishes on International Day of Forests!

For most of early history, humans obtained their food by hunting and collecting wild plants in grasslands and forests. Nowadays, the conversion of forest land to land for agriculture is the single largest driver of deforestation worldwide, contributing to climate change and biodiversity loss on an unprecedented scale. Integrating forests with other ways of using the land – including for agriculture – is thus essential for attaining food security, ensuring healthy nutrition, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  

To raise awareness of the importance of forest ecosystems for human nutrition and celebrate the International Day of Forests 2021, UNECE and FAO launched a video explaining how responsibly sourced nuts from sustainably managed forests and agroforestry can enrich our diets and contribute to our health and well-being. “Forests in a nutshell” tells a less familiar story of forests: one in which they are important providers of nutritious and healthy food, with the potential to transform food systems into drivers for sustainable development around the world.

Watch “Forests in a nutshell” here:


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Short film: "Forests in a nutshell" was launched to celebrate the IDF 2021. Watch the video here. Read the press release here.
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