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Data on Forest Products Production and Trade


Primary Forest Products
Data on Forest Products Production and Trade

These data cover roundwood, sawnwood, wood-based panels, pulp and paper for selected years.  Production data for over 60 items are in volume (1000 cubic meters or metric tonnes), trade data are available in volume and value (1000 $).  Geographic coverage includes over 40 countries in Europe, North America, Caucasus and Central Asia.

Complete data for primary products

Other Statistics on Forest Products 

These data cover a variety of products and series. 

  • Prices, including historical data for over 80 series from selected countries showing actual prices
  • Trade Flow, showing value of trade by product group for all regions of the world and between leading countries
  • Engineered Wood Products, 2016-2018 production (in volume) and trade (in volume and value) for CLT, glulam, I-beams and LVL. 
  • Secondary Products Trade, 2010-2014 (also in PDF ) value of trade for wooden and paper products such as furniture, joinery, ready-to-use paper
  • Trade by Species, 2010-2014 (also in PDF ) roundwood and sawnwood trade in volume and value for main species
  • FAO Pulp and Paper Capacity Survey, all years since 1968
Links to other sources of forest products data
Cooperation and Contact

Cooperation on forestry statistics is long-standing.  It is designed to lighten the burden for reporting countries and to assist international organizations in producing consistent data.

In forest products information the Intersecretariat Working Group on Forest Sector Statistics coordinates the Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire amongst the 4 participating organizations: ECE/FAO, Eurostat, ITTO and FAO.  Each of the organizations is responsible for circulating the questionnaire to those countries for which it is responsible.  Results of the questionnaire are provided to the partner organizations as needed. Each organization publishes these results according to its mandate and needs.  We are grateful to our partners for their dedication and cooperation in producing the best forest products statistics possible.

Forest products information for countries not available here can be found at FAO.

For further information please contact [email protected]


Last update date: April 9, 2024