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Forest Products Trade Flow


As part of the Forest Products Annual Market Review, trade flow data between countries is collected and analyzed.  Shares of global trade by value are calculated and provided in the tables below.  Data are shown as a percentage of global imports. Nine product groups covering more than $520 billion of annual imports are included: industrial roundwood, sawn softwood, sawn hardwood, wood-based panels, pulp, paper and board, further processed sawnwood,  furniture and wood pellets.
Note the coverage is for the two prior years, i.e. the 2022-23 issue provides data for 2020-2021.

FPAMR Trade Flow Annex

Previous Trade Flow Data

To access previous trade flow data, click here.



FAO interactive trade flow database

FAOSTAT  (as of 2020 not being updated)


Last update date: July 27, 2023