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Changes to UNECE/FAO Price Information

Date Change
May 2018 Added roundwood and sawnwood from United States, roundwood from Poland, pellets from Switzerland and sawnwood from Finland.
September 2016 Revised Swiss roundwood source
June 2015 Added pellet data from Finland, France, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland
May 2014 Added roundwood data for Sweden, Norway and Estonia from Luke - Baltic/Nordic database
May 2012 Added 4 series from Canada - British Columbia sawlogs and pulpwood
March 2009 Added 4 series from Switzerland - roundwood and sawnwood
December 2008 Added 3 series on Slovene roundwood
December 2007 Added 4 series on Czech roundwood
September 2004 Revised German data to new index year of 2000. Added Austrian roundwood series.
August 2004 Added Lithuania roundwood prices

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