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Team of Specialists on Sustainable Forest Products

The Team of Specialists on Sustainable Forest Products is made up of specialists in forest products marketing or specialists on forest products markets.
This team serves two main purposes:
  • To provide a horizontal forum for exchange of information on the forest products markets in the UNECE region.
  • To report on market-related topics to the UNECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission and to provide input to the secretariat in this field.

Specialists are selected primarily for their expertise and interest in international forest products marketing and markets. Nominated experts are not only to participate in an annual meeting of the team, but also to participate in the work described in the mandate.


Taken from ECE/TIM/2017/2; FO:EFC/2017/2

Meetings & Events


Team Members



Last update date: December 2, 2020