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Streamlining the next round of Forest Sector Outlook studies

12 - 13 December 2016
Moscow Russia

Objective and target audience: Improve coordination and communication between experts involved in forest sector outlook studies in the UNECE region, namely from Europe, North America and the Russian Federation.

Background: The Joint UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section, guided by the Team of Specialists on Forest Sector Outlook (ToS) and in close cooperation with the Russian Federal Forestry Agency  organized a 2-day workshop in the Russian Federation on how to harmonize the next round of forest sector outlook studies in the UNECE region.

Background and agenda

The event followed guidance received during Metsä2013, when member states requested the Joint UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section that the next round of outlook studies in North America, Europe and the Russian Federation should be based on common methodologies and approaches, and developed in cooperation with relevant partners.

The event was financially supported by the Russian Federation.

Find pictures of the workshop on the UNECE-FAO flickr account.



Title Presenter ENG RUS
Forests and forestry in the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir DMITRIEV pdf  
The UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section – an introduction – highlighting the history of regional forest sector outlook studies Mr. Florian STEIERER pdf  
Forest sector outlook and planning in the Russian Federation Ms Anna VOLODCHENKO pdf  
General elements required in outlook studies, with focus on the last European Forest Sector Outlook (supply model, demand model, wood resource balances, scenarios) Mr. Mart-Jan SCHELHAAS pdf  
The wood resource balance - key to better data Mr. Florian STEIERER pdf  
Forest sector outlook studies in other countries Mr. Andreas ERIKSSON pdf  
Global demand-supply equilibrium models – Global Forest Products Model (GFPM) as benchmark Mr. Prakash NEPAL pdf pdf
Adapting the GFPM to local requirements Mr. Holger WEIMAR pdf  
The global forest sector model of the European Forest Institute Mr. Alexander MOISEYEV pdf  
Econometric models on forest products available in the Russian Federation Mr. Nikolay IVANOV pdf  
Structural changes in forest products markets – implications for outlook studies Mr. Elias Hurmekoski pdf pdf
Towards common reference scenarios in the UNECE region - using similar Shared Socioeconomic Pathways for economic developments Mr. Nicklas FORSELL pdf  
Future of forest products modelling – towards a new generation of model Mr. Craig Johnston pdf  
Russian Forest Sector Outlook Study to 2030: lessons learnt from cooperation with the FAO Mr. Anatoly PETROV pdf  
State Forest Inventory data use and modelling of forest development in the Russian Federation Mr. Pavel BELYAEV pdf  
Methodological approaches for evaluation of forest sector vulnerability caused by climate change. Experience of the Russian Federation Mr Artem Konstantinov pdf  
Inventory data and forest growth modeling – availability and challenges