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Fourth (29th) meeting of the “UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on monitoring sustainable forest management”

02 December 2020


Report of the meeting is available here




For more information, please contact Roman Michalak, Secretary of the Team at 

Item  Presenter  PDF

Item 1  Opening and welcome by the representatives of FAO and UNECE. Adoption of the Agenda  PDF

Item 2  Update on the composition of the Team, Secretary

Item 3  Presentation of the project “Assessment of forest damage/disturbance in the UNECE region”Mr. Michael Köhl, University of Hamburg, Germany  PDF

Item 3  Forest damage in the UNECE region (according to FRA 2020)Mr. Markus Melin, Natural Resources Institute, Finland  PDF

Item 3  Analysis of the consistency of forest damage reporting in the pan-European region  Mr. Michael Köhl, University of Hamburg, Germany  PDF

Item 3  Conceptual aspects related to forest disturbance-damage reporting Mr. Guy Robertson, Forest Service, United States PDF

Item 3  Methodological aspects of forest disturbance-damage reporting Mr. Frank Koch, Forest Service, United States  PDF

Item 4  Plans for the next sessions

Item 5  AOB

Item 6  Closure of the session